VOTE: Robert Pattinson for graphic nudity in Maps To The Stars!

VOTE: Robert Pattinson for graphic nudity in Maps To The Stars!

Just kidding. There's no vote.

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I know, I know. It's too bad we don't have a say in which actor displays the sexual content and graphic nudity in Maps To The Stars.

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What, Robert. Don't look like that. In 2012 you had multiple sex scenes between all 3 of your films. Multiple. We even gave them a ROBsessed Award category that year that resulted in a two part, exclusive interview with your sex scene costar that allowed us to talk more about your sex scene. Standards were set. Bars were raised. Loins were....ungirded.

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Do you know how many you had in 2013 that was for public consumption?

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That's right. You know. You're well aware. It's made us wild! Crazy, leathered-up cat women desperate and prowling!

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Ropes of Silicon revealed the MPAA's first bulletin of 2014 and Maps To The Stars was included. The film, not surprisingly, received an R rating for: strong disturbing violence and sexual content, graphic nudity, language and some drug material.
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This is a Cronenberg film so anything less is laughable. Is it too much to hope Rob is the reason for all of the above? Mainly issues 2-4? Could the shadows disappear???

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I'm Team ShadowsNoMore!

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Only God can judge me, you know that right, Rob? Only God. I know you rapped that song in Barnes long ago. I just know it. So show some understanding to the hotness spread all over this site for over 5 years, you unknowingly creating dark recesses because of said hotness and you decisively being the most gorgeous (and talented...let me try and class up this post...too late? Yeah...) actor we know.

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Still the Judgey Judy! That's ok. This is an ensemble piece so my little one-track, dirty, mind could be howling barking up the wrong tree...........BUT we can always hope David got back around to this missed opportunity.

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(recedes into the dark dark dark recesses)


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