Robert Pattinson Ranked in 'IndieWire's End Of Year Critics Poll' & More

Robert Pattinson Ranked in 'IndieWire's End Of Year Critics Poll' & More

UPDATE: More great praise from Indiewire for Rob below (Scroll down)

We posted a big batch of end of years lists featuring Rob and his movies the other day (if you missed the post, check it out HERE).
Here are a couple more that I'm sure you'll find interesting particularly the first one.

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 Indiewire's End Of Year Critics poll has Rob is at No14 (out of 50) in their 'Best Male Supporting Performance' category for The Rover. What's really interesting is that you can see how the critics ranked him by clicking on the blue bar on beside his name on the right.

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Guy Pearce also features on their poll in the Best Actor Category

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And Maps To The Stars makes Clash Music's Top films of 2014 List.
Here's what they had to say about it:
'Hollywood: a land possessed by poisonous personalities; a place rammed wall-to-wall with bitterly over-indulged souls who have it all and still want more; a toxic environment in which glamour has been eroded by addiction and desperation. Or at least that’s how David Cronenberg’s caustic satire paints it.
The mass of personality defects on display throughout Maps To The Stars gives it the feel of slick soap opera amplified to sick extremities: its characters rejoice when the tragedy of others sparks a personal resurrection; pop pills like Polo mints; and treat their fans like parasitic carriers of disease. If this film so much as touches on reality, ol’ Dave has probably alienated the majority of his industry contacts.' Ben Hopkins


Indiewire released their "21 Best Performances Of 2014" list and Guy Pearce's performance as Eric in The Rover has made it in at no 6 on their list. Rob doesn't make the list but he got an honourable mention ;)
"With apologies to Robert Pattinson (and his legion of fans) who is very, very good in this movie, and continues to prove and reinvent himself in each new role, Guy Pearce owns "The Rover."
Read it in Full over at Indiewire 


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