4th Annual ROBsessed Awards ~ Celebrating Robert Pattinson's Awesomeness in 2014

4th Annual ROBsessed Awards ~ Celebrating Robert Pattinson's Awesomeness in 2014

UPDATE: Results are all in! Click the links below to view each individual winner. Results start at 12pm (ET) on the 31st! Links added as they come in. Scroll down for links to the nominees and more!
The ROBsessed Awards are our own slice of awesomeness every year-end.
Josh Horowitz, a winner in the 1st and 2nd awards, has acknowledged his win and unexpectedly repaid us in the most epic way possible. Rob's Cosmopolis co-star, Patricia McKenzie, was so pleased with her win last year, she gave us an exclusive and lengthy interview, the sugar and the spice.
Who knows what will come from this year!

This is our chance to highlight some of the best Rob moments through the year and you guys vote for the winners. The winners just happen to always be Rob or a Rob supporter! That's the kind of polling that belongs on ROBsessed. ;) So now we bring you our very special.....
 photo 4thRA.jpg

Guidelines: Starting at midnight (ET) on Dec. 27th we'll post a category with the nominees every 12 hours. You'll only be allowed to vote once in each category. We'll add all the links for the polls in this post as they're revealed in case you need to refer back to them. You might need to ponder your vote so bookmark this page! Polls will close Wednesday, Dec. 31st at midnight (ET)*. Results will be revealed on New Years Eve, starting at 12pm ET. The results will continue every hour on the hour as the blog counts down to 2014! We'll be kicking things off with a bang so get ready!

4th Annual ROBsessed Awards categories (in order):
*The final category will remain open until an hour before the voting result is revealed for the 2015 Most Anticipated Moment. 


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