Robsessed Awards: Best Robert Pattinson 2014 GIF

Robsessed Awards: Best Robert Pattinson 2014 GIF

The other day I asked the good folks of twitter to send me their favourite Robert Pattinson GIFs from 2014. I did NOT anticipate the response I was going to get.
Thank you ALL so much for sending me your faves and I'm sorry I couldn't include them all.

I was sent over 60 GIFs all of which were great but I had the impossible task of narrowing it down to just 10!
To try to narrow it down, I eliminated the ones where Rob was in character (Rey, Jerome), ones that had quotes on them (because some were already in the best quote category) & Dior Rob (because technically he's 2013 ;}). So below are the ones I ended up with.

Now it's over to you guys to pick just one out of these 10. You can only vote for one and polls close at midnight (ET) on Dec. 31st

GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to see which one wins.

Finger Wiggle

 photo Fingerwiggle.gif

Do Dee Do

 photo Do de do.gif

Goofy Rob

 photo GoofyRob.gif


Oh Yeah

 photo Oh yeah.gif

Drinking Water

 photo Drinking.gif


 photo Penetration.gif

Embarrassed Rob

 photo EmbarrassedRob.gif


 photo What.gif

Wet T-Shirt Rob

 photo Wet Tee Rob.gif

Maps To The Stars Sex Talk

 photo MTTSsex.gif


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