How NOT to comment 101 & A Q&A with the ROBsessed Bloggers

This is a post from 2012 but we see that a reminder is needed. I will keep the post exactly as it was in 2012 but will add a couple of things in red.

Dear ROBsessed Readers,

 At ROBsessed we don't censor comments.

We don't moderate, we don't wait for comments to fall in to our mailboxes for approval.

We very rarely delete comments.

This blog was started because our comments were censored.

We believe in freedom of speech as long as you observe proper crassness :)

So here we go:


- Please don't bully people. If you don't agree with them try to convince them. Don't tell them to shut up or leave the blog. It's everyone's blog, not just yours.

- Please don't abuse our good will by posting hateful messages towards Robert Pattinson or his costars, friends. Please don't abuse our good will by posting NC-17 rated stuff. YOU might think it's funny but others don't want to read about your sexual habits, fantasies, thoughts IN DETAIL. Suggestion is okay, we use a LOT of suggestion as well but don't be crude. Before posting think about this: "Would you say those things to a perfect stranger?" if no then please don't post it in the comments.

Don't let Rob go:


 We received an email with the below questions and thought they were valid. Here are our replies:


 1. Are we expected to immediately acquiesce if someone finds a comment inappropriate?

ROBsessed: No, of course not. The comments are for debating. If someone thinks a comment is inappropriate he/she can voice her opinion and explain why they think the comment is inappropriate. A healthy debate can solve the problem. Not bullying someone to change their mind.

- Please don't flag a comment just because you disagree with it. If you disagree, talk it out and try to convince each other.

- Don't expect us to police the comments. If a person thinks Rob is ugly, tell them to go see an ophthalmologist but please don't report them to us because even though the person is obviously out of his/her mind we won't delete comments like that.

2. IS Rob's personal life completely off-limits on this site? If so, how do we justify the conversations about bulges, underwear, the fit of his trousers, and "skipping off to the DR"?

ROBsessed: No, Rob's personal life is not off-limits. Especially in the comments. We, the bloggers, choose what to post but in the comments you can discuss whatever you like.

3. Is Kristen a persona non grata now and never to be mentioned again? 

ROBsessed: It's a personal choice. This is a Rob blog so we talk about Rob. You can talk about anything you want :)

-The post was right after the scandal so it's an old question but I need to add this: Everyone has an opinion about who Rob should be with. In my opinion he should be with me. I can come on the blog and post a comment about how I think he is making a bad choice and say that we are meant to be together. I may be advised to go see a psychiatrist but I am entitled to be delusional :) 

- On the other hand racist remarks, swearing, bullying will not be tolerated.

4. Are we not allowed to ponder where he is in the world or what he's doing? 

ROBsessed: I don't know about you but we ponder that all the time :)

5. Are we not permitted to say we read something crazy and want to share it and invite others' opinions? 

ROBsessed: Once again, you can talk about anything you like. If that crazy thing you read is about Rob, you can send it to the mods and we can post it if it's blog material.

6. I'm honestly perplexed as to where the blog is headed. Is this only a film blog now? 

ROBsessed: Does it seem like only a film blog? We still post photos of Rob out and about doing the mundanest things. We post anything/everything about Rob if we think they have merit. This blog is about Rob. Everything he does. If he decides to go skinny dipping tomorrow we'll be more than happy to post that as well. (Start the prayer group now!)



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