ROBsessed Awards: 2015 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Moment

ROBsessed Awards: 2015 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Moment

It's so fun to be a Rob fan and each new year brings more sweetness and light! There's much to hope for in 2015 and this final category for our ROBsessed Awards wants to know what you think is the 2015 Most Anticipated Rob Moment.

Here are your 7 nominees....

WorkingRob back on set!
Rob's schedule being a mystery is no surprise. But from Mona Fastvold's updates on instagram, The Childhood of a Leader seems to be up first at the start of 2015. Then hopefully, The Lost City of Z will happen in the summer and who knows what other films fall in to place for Rob in 2015!
Vote for WorkingRob if you just can't wait for him to be back on set and making those movies we love and support!
 photo RobertPattinson34pics08.jpg

The King of Cannes....PART 4! 
Rob loves Cannes and Cannes loves Rob! There are 2 films Rob has in his back pockets ready to make their debuts in 2015 - Queen of the Desert and Life. There's a chance Cannes could be their destination and seeing the man glorious in his tux and proud of his work is what ROBsessed dreams are made of.......well that and Robporn.
Vote for The King of Cannes if you say ALL HAIL THE KING!
 photo KoC.jpg

Rob as non-fictional characters!
The next 2 films we'll be seeing from Rob are themed - real life characters! In 2015, we should see him bring to life (pun intended) Dennis Stock and T.E. Lawrence. The directors love Rob and have already expressed how perfect he was for these characters without official promo even beginning! It's easy to say we don't get a lot of Rob on the big screen any more but we had 2 films in 2014 and it's looking like we'll have another 2 in 2015 (and likely 2 in 2016!).
Vote for BigScreenRob is you can not WAIT to see his films!
 photo ResizedLifeRobertPattinsonjpg_large.jpeg

PromoRob is BACK, BABY!!!
For us to have BigScreenRob, we have to have PromoRob! With 2 films to promote, who knows how many premieres, screenings, junkets and festivals he'll be working. When Rob releases a movie, he's all in and it's a good year for any one ROBsessed. SO MUCH PROMOROB! And that's always a good thing for our ROBsessed state of mind.
Vote for PromoRob is you want those jokes, those smiles, those suits and those ClassicRob moments!
 photo RobertPattinsonTIFF8.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF7.gif
 photo RobertPattinsonTIFF2.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF3.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF4.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF5.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF6.gif  photo RobertPattinsonTIFF1.gif

PDARob showing you how it's done!
Love in the air brings songs into my heart. Rob has not been keeping his love locked down. He and FKA twigs have found love in a hopeless place and are walking on sunshine. Does PDARob make you feel like a natural woman? Are you ready for the power of love in 2015 because everything is awesome?
Vote for PDARob if you love him like a love song baby!
 photo PDARob.gif

DiorRob is all over the small screen lately but isn't it time for MORE?? Rob dropped a little diddy during The Rover promo (see why PromoRob is so great?) about Dior. He said he was going to be shooting another ad soon! While he's "strangely excited" about that, we're just freakin crazy excited! Now what soon means to him, who knows. But we can keep hope alive that "soon" is going to happen in 2015!
Vote for DiorRob is you want the new ad to happen pronto and play on a loop in your boudoir!
 photo tumblr_my9ybyEViw1rpywblo1_1280-1.jpg

MusicalRob makes our world go 'round!
Rob isn't planning on sharing his music with the world any time soon. Or is he? We never know with this one. It's kind of fun that way. We're all just going about our ROBsessed business, being all ROBsessed, when a musical bomb will drop and we get just an teeny weeny taste of the damn near mythical, MusicalRob.
Vote for MusicalRob if you want more of his dulcet tones and talented fingers!
 photo Fingerwiggle.gif

You get ONE vote and the poll closes Dec. 31st 7pm ET. The result will follow an hour later!

The other categories for the ROBsessed Awards have closed! Results start on Dec. 31st at 12pm ET and post every hour on the hour. Check in with us and see who the winners are. We'll also keep a tally HERE so bookmark the page. See you in 12 hours!


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