Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Will Be Attending The Official Twilight Convention In June

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Will Be Attending The Official Twilight Convention In June

Yes you read right Rob will be there. Full Details below!


Summit Entertainment &
Creation Entertainment present
The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE Convention

Fri., Sat. & Sun.
June 11-13, 2010
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Ave. of the Stars

This is "the one", the weekend that will make fan history as we proudly present the incredible cast of the most eagerly awaited film of the year, The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE, coming to theaters June 30, 2010.

You are invited to attend a most delightful weekend with fellow Twilight Saga fans from around the globe on June 11-13, 2010 at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, conveniently located near Los Angeles' most popular attractions. Every ticketed attendee is guaranteed a seat in our main theatre where the stars appear and you'll see it all, including celebrity panels, exclusive footage, contests, auctions, presentations from the major Twilight fan sites, and some super-surprises we can't reveal at this time! Our vendors area, open to all attendees, will feature the world's widest array of Twilight collectibles, including items produced solely for this incredible weekend!



Appearing on a very special panel event Saturday early evening! If you are attending the convention you are IN to see this amazing event!

Due to scheduling, Robert will not be available for autographing or photo ops.

For all the information you need and to buy tickets go HERE

Via TwilightLexicon Thanks to Coral for the tip


Noe said...


we got clooney n depp this year for movies and pattinson would just make it the more perfect!!!

LA women step to it for my sake so that i may live vicariously through your experience!

Ash7586 said...

I fear for his safety.

nikola6 said...

Oh god. You couldn't pay me. Don't like big crowds. They scare the hell out of me and TWIhards scare the holy hell out of me. The only reason I am considering -just considering- standing in that madhouse of a crowd at the premiere, is so that I can hang with the gals of ROBstock II.
I love ya Rob. But you couldn't pay me.

But to any who are going to this...
Have fun. Have at it. And try not to get trampled to death.

Noe said...

me too but i'm sure they'd put him behind plexiglass if all else fails. haha.

Noe said...

alright you may be exempted from the hellish screams... but everyone else has to do it. just so you know.

and oo you're going to the premiere? u must take pics for us lady. haha.

nikola6 said...


I hear ya. And with the threats these two have had to endure...I really hear ya. Although you can bet they'll have plenty of protection. Ever see The Bodyguard w/Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston? Same kind of protection going on here too. Especially when they're dealing with these kinds of crowds. And while I worry about Rob in them, I get nervous about Kristen too. I figure if push came to shove, he could probably get himself out of a crush easier than she could. He's bigger and stronger. But she's so tiny that I sometimes wonder if -in a split second- she could get swallowed up in a crowd.

And I'm wondering how many of them will bitch and moan because he won't be signing or taking photos? Even though they've announced it up front.

There's just something about the 'rabid' fans that gives me the heebie jeebies and the rest of us a bad name. And I know that not everyone is that way. But still...
Can't wait until they're through with all of this shit. Bet they can't either.

Hang in there darlins'. Just two more years of it. Oh god. TWO YEARS???

Ok. Go ahead kids. Have a meltdown. Then put your game faces back on and march right on back out there and...SMILE!!! (Kristen darling? Where's your smile? You know how that upsets them so when you dare to leave your SMILE!!! in the limo). Then go back home and have another meltdown.

Game face. Meltdown. Game face. Meltdown. Game face. Meltdown.

Sorry. Can't sleep again. Tired and bitchy. And I know that alot of fans are just great. It's just that with you're dealing with the 'fringe' element...I get a little shakey...and my snark comes out. I apologize.

Noe said...

i'll be his bodyguard.

gosh i think i'm with nik. goin on auto pilot and it's all oprah's fault.

oh i'm also uber talkative. n my vocab isn't makin a showin either.

oh look the clock says 2:04... 14 more hours til oprah!

oh and look at how many times i said oh!

g night n mahalos peeps :)

nikola6 said...

I would Noe, except I don't own a camera. I'm counting on RPG and the rest. Hell. I don't even have an Ipod. I can't carry music around and listen to it while I'm doing something else. For me, listening to music is doing 'something else' I have to stop what I'm doing, sit down or lie down and just...listen. There's only two other things I can do while listening to music. And the other is...driving. I'll let your imagination figure out what the other one is. LOL!

I just wanna hang out and take 'em to Rob's In N Out (it's the only one in Hollywood) for a double double (on me) and then over to Wasteland so they can buy a piece of shit clothing from the same place he's bought a piece of shit clothing (more than just 'a' piece).

I really could care less about the premiere. And I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with those Sam Bradley tickets that a friend gave to me. Anyone wanna go see Sam on June 22nd? You can have 'em for free. I didn't pay for them. There's six of them. Why the hell he gave me six, I'll never know.

ROBIN C. said...

Why am I European???? Why???? Why??? Ok ok .. some kind of crowds scare me too ... but if one has to risk ... maybe this can be a good way to try...

Butterfly25 said...

@nikola6, you have no idea how much I would love to get the ticket for Sam's concert... if only I lived in the USA:( or at least he could come here to Poland, but that will never happen for sure:((
This is really bad if no one will use those tickets. Maybe you should give some kind of announcement on the internet that you have fre tickets or sth, I don't know...

skorpia said...

OMG theyre actually going? the security is going to be INSANE-I asked about the possibility of any of them attending and they (creation. net) said fuggetaboutit. They would have shut the place down!!

AP said...

So they are braving an in-and-out? Good on 'em - conventions are

TotallyRobbed said...

I wouldn't go even if I was in the same country. I can't even work out the price of the convention tickets from that link anyway!

TotallyRobbed said...

Erm ... I was talking about the Convention not Sam B.

Kimmie said...

@ nikola I would luv to go see sam Bradley and I live in LA. But i don't know if you already gave the tickets out.

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