Free-For-All Friday - Flashbacks of Robert Pattinson

I was just saying... okay, whining, to Kate, Tink and Goz the other day about how I miss chatterbox Rob. The Robert Pattinson who just talks... tells stories... sounds crazy. I miss him.

Let's reminisce with a couple of oldies but goodies...

What does this happy guy Photobucket, this scene Photobucket

and this lovely chap Photobucket have in common?

If you don't immediately know the answer... you've missed this gem of a story.

This story will never get old....

Confused as I am?

Moving swiftly along... here's a quick fire question interview during the Twilight promos that was the beginning of so many stories... and the beanie was there, oh the beanie.

Chatty Rob, gotta love him.

He'll be back though... bring on the Breaking Dawn promotion.

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