Showcase Saturday starring Robert Pattinson

At the top of this Showcase Saturday starring Robert Pattinson, I'm already exclaiming, "Sweet God Almighty!"

Alright now listen...the song does make you feel like you're in a time warp BUT! Please make sure you are not mobile or standing when you watch this. Between the wind-blown sexhair and the brightened WFE sex scene...*fans self* have MERCY! I feel the heat!

Did the lightened up WFE sex scene kill you or did the lightened up WFE sex scene kill you??


Next up we have an older video. It doesn't have a high view count so I'm thinking many haven't seen it. Got me excited for all the promo videos we'll have for Breaking Dawn :) Plenty of "I want you so bad" sex stares in this hot toddy!

And to close us out, we have a super sweet video. His giggle is infectious. I couldn't stop the big grin on my face. "I feel good" indeed!

See ya next week!
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