Jack Morrissey tweets about Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn

Jack Morrissey tweets about Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn

UPDATE: Kate is a busy bee! She's a contributor on the Team Jack blog. They collects FAQs from Jack's twitter and add them to the blog. It can be difficult to scroll through and figure out the details. We'll still do posts when cool Rob info comes up but you can check out the blog for all the essential Jack tweets regarding Breaking Dawn. Click HERE to view the blog.

We love Rob speaking in other languages! Heck, we love Rob doing anything but the language thing is the inspiration for the post right now.

Jack Morrissey is at it again with sharing fun details about Breaking Dawn. The official soundtrack track listing came out yesterday and Jack did not disappoint with a Q&A on twitter. He gave us some fun Rob tidbits as well. :)

  • Rob will speak Portuguese in Breaking Dawn! YUMMMMMMM!
  • Rob has seen a rough final cut of BD.
  • Direct quote: "I'm a bit unclear but either Rob isn't doing anything much at the moment with his music, or he wants to keep it separate."
  • Jack isn't sure if Rob was asked to be on the BD soundtrack or not.
  • We'll need after-sex smokes for the sex scenes in BD1 and 2. Well then!
Jack also answered a question I had that centered around my obsession over this image:


  • Me: Do any characters have a flashback scene? might we see a beloved vampire as human?
  • Jack: Hmmm, no, I don't think so.
  • Me: yeah...now i think @Jack_Morrissey crushed my Edward-with-green-eyes dream. im back to nothing good can come of this game
  • Jack: You're going to get something you're going to be really happy with, trust me.
  • Fan (@vonch): no flashback for human Edward :(
  • Jack: Something better.

*SQUEEEEEEEE* This excited and satisfied me greatly.

MORE Jack tweets after the cut!

Couple other fun tidbits from today:

  • Flightless Bird will be slower than the original as a wedding theme and there will be more than one wedding song.
  • Bill had plans to include Flightless Bird in the film from the start.
  • We need boxes of tissues, rain boots, Shamwow panties, a boat to view BD. Tears and etc will be in abundance.
  • The film is 115 minutes. He asked Bill and Bill is OCD about his run times.
  • Jack's favorite songs from the soundtrack are: "Northern Lights", "Turning Page," "Requiem on Water", and "Endtapes". Plus he said, "You will LOVE "Cold"." Side note, the Bruno Mars song was revealed. Click HERE to listen.
HQ Cover Art via Twilight Poison

  • Twilight is Bill's favorite movie and "there are many connections between that movie and BD PART I."
  • We banged on Melissa Rosenberg for a minute because it was revealed some scenes/lines would not be in the film ("So you seduced your all-to-willing husband" and the garter scenes). Jack said if we take MR down we gotta take down Bill too. We insisted Bill has our love right now and Jack said that Bill worked intensely (his word) on the script with Melissa. This was VERY good news since Bill is an Academy Award winning screenwriter. Bring it, Bill! We trust YOU. :)
  • I followed up this dialogue with "since Bill had final say on the scripts, then he must have put in things equally melt worthy :) RIGHT??" and Jack replied, "You have to ask? ;-P". This pleased me. :)
  • Jack said we've already seen the opening scene of BD
  • Bella will have her hunting expedition

That's a summary of the things that mattered most to me but Jack is chatty and fun on twitter. If you hang out there, go check out his timeline. You need to look at the conversations to understand his responses.

I stored a few tidbits from tweets over a week ago:
  • When asked if there are more kissytime in BD: Hmmm, I'd hate to answer that definitively, but I have to think so, yeah.
  • Discussing 'Edward's emotional range', Jack replied: get ready
  • A fan wanted more scenes like...

  • Jack: You're going to get one scene right near the beginning of PART I that will make you very happy. Tink: bed make out session b4 the brothers get him for the bachelor party! right? Jack: Yup yup!
  • A fan wondered why the palm trees on the poster were small and Jack replied: @smurfy_tapz I'm not sure where those palms were shot. And hey, more and bigger background would equal less and smaller Rob!
And God curse the world where there isn't a LARGE Rob.

Source: Follow that man! -->> @Jack_Morrissey
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