"I Really Think He's A Terrific Actor. He's Extremely Inventive"- David Croneberg Talks About Robert Pattinson

With the release of "Cosmopolis" on DVD & BluRay there have been several interviews with David Cronenberg. Here's one from The Playlist where David talks about Robert Pattinson starring in "Cosmopolis" (& of course has only good things to say ;-)), "Maps To The Stars" & more

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David Cronenberg says Robert Pattinson surprises him as an actor, just like Viggo Mortensen.
Many wondered if how "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson and director David Cronenberg would mesh, particularly on a project as talky as "Cosmpolis," which requires a confident and compelling leading man. But as it turns out, Cronenberg had a great time working with the young actor and has nothing but praise for the rising star.

"I really think he's a terrific actor. He's extremely inventive. He surprised me every day on 'Cosmopolis' with the nuances and things that he did which were unexpected. Of course I was very familiar with the dialogue and yet he would surprise me," Cronenberg enthused. "And I thought, this is a guy who I would like to work with some more, which is how I felt with Viggo Mortensen. When you find an actor who surprises you everyday, you figure, he could do it some more with a completely different role in a completely different movie."

David Cronenberg is excited to make "Map To The Stars" his first film shot in the United States.
While it's still coming together, should it all work out, Cronenberg will get to work in May on "Map To The Stars," a new film that will reunite him with Pattinson and Mortensen, (Kate: Or NOT as we found out yesterday HERE) and also feature Rachel Weisz.  And believe it or not, for the first time in the four-decade-plus-long career of the director, he will be shooting in the United States.

"It's kind of a satire on Hollywood. It's very typical of Bruce Wagner's writing. And it's sort of a condensed essence of Bruce. And while it's satirical, it's also very powerful, emotionally, and insightful and funny," he explained about the movie. "And it would be the first time I've ever shot a foot of film in the United States. It's strange, just because of the way the co-production deals work, that even though I've had movies that are set in the U.S. like 'Cosmopolis' or 'The Dead Zone,' I've never shot in the United States. This would be the first time. And I'm really excited about it.
Check out the full interview HERE via MapsToTheStarsFilm Twitter


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