MUST Read: Steve Weinstein Talks Oscars & Robert Pattinson

MUST Read: Steve Weinstein Talks Oscars & Robert Pattinson

If you read one thing about the Oscar Nominations that were revealed yesterday then make it this article from Editor & chief of Bostons "Edge" Steve Weinstein.

He echos what I saw a lot of you saying in our comments section and people all over the internet about the Oscars & Robert Pattinson.


Overlooked is a personal choice: Robert Pattinson. No, not for the "Twilight" series, but for "Cosmopolis." Dismissed as glorified mannequin, Pattinson took on a no-budget film adaptation of an impossible-to-adapt book from an impenetrable author adapted by an avant-garde director. As a Wall Street Master of the Universe who never leaves his chauffeured limousine, Pattinson carries the movie the way Michael Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls.
Still, it’s not surprising the voters overlooked Pattinson. He’ll just have to keep taking chances while he rakes it in with mega-grossers
 Make sure and check out the FULL article over at
Thanks to Wendy for the tip!


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