365 Days of Robert Pattinson! February calendar with updates

365 Days of Robert Pattinson! February calendar with updates


Before the start of each month, we'll repost the featured month and note if there are any changes from the original. January was a success and we started 2013 with a bang, celebrating the Rob film we're looking forward to most and which Rob characters we'd FMK. We dived into some Robporn with Rob's back, lip bite, and shirtlessRob. Plus we couldn't help but signal out some favorite styles in grey suits, jeans and white tshirts. It was a great month for a man who makes you smile instantly with that sweet laugh and melt whenever he's on the cover of a magazine. Click HERE if you want to revisit more of the 365DoR we have so far.

February is our first themed month. Several more pop up through the year but for February, Bel Ami is the theme and you'll see several days focusing on that film and promotion. Be sure to swap this month out with a February you might have saved. Our repetitive Mondays are in place to remove and replace for people who contact us with suggestions during the year.

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Click HERE if you'd like to see all the months! The current month is always available on the side bar along with a link to the entire year.


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