365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Feb. 9 ~ Bel Ami still

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Feb. 9 ~ Bel Ami still

We got loads of Bel Ami stills during the promotional period of the film. They were great too. The costumes and the sets. Oh yes...and the man. ;)

"There are SO many Bel Ami stills that I love (& I’ve used some of them in my 365’s already) so I’m going to chose this one for today. Georges is so wicked but so gorgeous in this still and I would surely have to go to confession for all the sins I would commit if i came across him sitting like this in church! Dead & done!"

"i love this still. i feel scandalized just looking at him. totally the cad."

"A Bel Ami still, we had so many treats it's hard to pick. But I'm gonna go with this one. So serious!"

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