Know the year of this Robert Pattinson quote for a chance to win $100 to La Perla and an advance copy of Beautiful Bastard!

Know the year of this Robert Pattinson quote for a chance to win $100 to La Perla and an advance copy of Beautiful Bastard!

PhotobucketThe Cosmopolis Quest was such a success, we decided to have another Rob-themed quest to win some amazing prizes!

The novel, Beautiful Bastard, is set to release on Feb. 12th but the authors, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, have given us an awesome opportunity to give away the book as well at a $100 gift card to La Perla or Victoria's Secret! If that gift card doesn't surprise you, it's probably because you remember the fan fiction, The Office, and Beautiful Bastard's fetish for panty ripping. ;)

Excerpt from Beautiful Bastard:
I reached into my pocket and pulled out what remained of her underwear, ready to discard them into my drawer with the others, when I noticed the tag. Agent Provocateur. She dropped a pretty penny on these. And it sparkled my curiosity. I opened the drawer to examine the other two pair. La Perla. Damn, this woman was serious about her underwear. Maybe I should stop into the La Perla store downtown sometime and at least see how much my little collection was costing her. I ran my free hand through my hair and tossed them all back in the drawer slamming it shut. I was officially out of my mind. 
Oh those power panties. They haunted him didn't they? LOL I'll give a full review on the day we announce the winners but for now....what do you have to do to enter the contest??

Over the next 3 days, we'll be posting questions that we want you to find the answers to. Be sure to write down your answers and on the 3rd day, you'll email us all your answers. If you answered correctly, you'll be entered in a drawing for the grand prize. We mentioned the winner will receive $100 gift card to La Perla or Victoria's Secret plus the novel, Beautiful Bastard. The runner up will win the novel as well. Good luck and here's your first question....

What year did Rob make the comment "throw your panties at me"?

Hint: Here is the interview and the quote is towards the beginning.

Hold on to your answer and check back tomorrow for the next question!

If you'd like to pre-order your copy now, here are the amazon links for the US and UK


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