Sarah Gadon, Max Irons & Jake Abel, All Talking About Robert Pattinson

Sarah Gadon, Max Irons & Jake Abel, All Talking About Robert Pattinson


A little round-up of people talking about Rob.
First up, Sarah Gadon mentioned working with Rob in this months "In Style" magazine about how she "forgot" what a big star Rob is. I guess it's easily done where Rob is concerned ;-)

Here's the excerpt from the article where Rob is mentioned. Thanks so much to Darja for sending us the scans
Celebrity is a subject she is becoming more and more familiar with. Recounting a story about R-Pattz, she confesses, "There are those surreal moments when you think, 'Wow, I worked with that person!'"
The two appeared on a French talk show, and Sarah recalls, "It was nuts. There were so many fans. In my head I was thinking 'Oh yeah, I guess I forgot you're this massive movie star'."
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VMan did a spread featuring Max Irons and Jake Abel and they were asked about becoming the next Robert Pattinson

Here are the excerpts with the Rob mentions:
With this films they both enter that small pool of actors that have a shot at becoming the next Pitt or Depp. But these days everyone is asking..... Can you become the next Robert Pattinson?

Max: “It is a very lazy comparison, because Twilight was a phenomenon unto itself. Pattinson was chased down the streets of Paris before the films even came out. And he is doing well for himself. He has about five films with acclaimed directors lined up.(Kate: Well done Max. You're paying attention!)

Jake: “A lot of people expect us to knock the Twilight cast. But Taylor Lautner is a really nice kid. Robert Pattinson, I couldn’t imagine the tremendous amount of pressure he was under — and he earned my respect when I saw him fight for certain projects. Water for Elephants is a great novel, the movie is what it was. That’s not his fault. That’s the risk; we’re the face of projects.” (Kate: It was exactly what you would expect from a great novel...... A great movie!)

Both name check highbrow directors and repeatedly mention how Twilight paved the way for Pattinson to work with David Cronenberg on "Cosmopolis"
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