Magical Monday with Robert Pattinson

It's time to head back to school here in Texas and just for giggles I thought I'd look back at some schoolboy (and college) Rob characters. Because... why not?

So making Monday Magical with a little picspam - here's student Rob! 

 photo twilightpic.jpg  photo robert-pattinson-and-cedric-diggory-gallery2.jpg  photo rob-pattinson-bad-mother.jpg  photo jackson-rathbone-ashley-greene-kellan-lutz-nikki-reed-and-robert-pattinson-as-the-cullen-clan-in-twilight.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonRememberMe-23.jpg  
 photo Graduation.gif 
 photo The-Bad-Mother-s-Handbook-robert-pattinson-912413_400_225.jpg  photo 0107-pattinson-630x420.jpg  photo 44sw_827_ua5ndb.jpg  photo TI4U_u1140845992.jpg
   photo hs1.jpg  photo TheBadMothersHandbookrobert3.jpg 
   photo MV5BMTk2MjAyNDUyMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzYyNjUwNA_V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg
 photo tumblr_l2mkvjeYb71qa0hxgo1_250.jpg 
 photo HP_shoot_1_011.jpg  photo cafeteriaedward1.jpg 
And how can I not finish it with this little gem?
 photo img-thing.jpg


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