FIRST LOOK: Pics and Vids of Robert Pattinson being naturally handsome and charming at HFPA Charity Event (Aug. 14)

FIRST LOOK: Pics and Vids of Robert Pattinson being naturally handsome and charming at HFPA Charity Event (Aug. 14)

Click HERE for our HQ pic post! HERE for Rob's arrival and HERE for video of Rob presenting!

UPDATE2: Deadline, in their write up for the HFPA charity event, calls Rob a potential Golden Globes contender! It's for Maps To The Stars and I'm not sure how plausible that is for that role but hey. It's a pretty great mention for our favorite guy:
On the film side it doesn’t hurt to show up to an event like this, even before your movie has beenThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Dinner seen and such awards hopefuls like The Theory Of Everything’s Eddie Redmayne , Obvious Child’s Jenny Slate, Foxcatcher’s Channing Tatum, Maps To The Stars Robert Pattinson, Fury’s Logan Lerman, and Boyhood’s Patricia Arquette are potential Globe contenders who participated.
UPDATE: Another video of Rob on the red carpet working his magic. 3rd video


 photo BvCqNc3CUAEsJ-Xjpg_large.jpg


 photo BvCpGF6CYAEMVWOjpg-large.jpg

So freakin suave....

 photo BvCkliQCcAAaIXF.jpg
Photo caption: Currently breathing the same air as R-Patz

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-14at60211PM.png
Photo caption: Robert Pattinson photobombing jenny Slate!!! Lol #hfpa @eonline #twilight

Rob taking pics with Channing Tatum
 photo BvClzRWCUAIA5Eqjpg_large.jpg

Rob and Eddie Redmayne :) So cute...
 photo BvCuDQgCAAAWheQjpg_large.jpg

 photo 10616934_340896942744497_793959741_n.jpg

 photo 10584721_1450135421928824_1186133471_n.jpg
Photo caption: A couple of cute Brits. #robertpattinson #eddieredmayne #hfpa grants benefit

MORE great pics under the cut!


Hey Nick!

 photo BvCkjG3IgAAOovEjpg_large.jpg

Fan, Media and Celeb pics

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-14at55214PM.png  photo ScreenShot2014-08-14at55154PM.png

Click HERE to keep watching the livestream!
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