VIDS, PICS & TWEETS: Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce & David Michod At The Apple Store Q&A

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Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce & David Michod At The Apple Store Q&A 

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Tweets from the Q&A
Thanks to TheRoverMovieUk

David Michôd describes as a "down and dirty, post apocalyptic I western."
Guy Pearce describes his character as "a man who has one last thing to do."
Robert Pattinson says he was "too embarrassed" to do his American accent during rehearsals.
David Michôd says Guy Pearce is "great at playing moments of intensity with emotional vulnerability."
After meeting Robert Pattinson, David Michôd says he thought, "If I made The Rover I'd love to see what that guy can do."
Robert Pattinson says he nearly knocked himself out in a fight in the movie!
Guy Pearce says he'd like to work with Martin Scorsese and "if he's in the store, give me a job."
Robert Pattinson's acting advice: "If you can touch your face in a scene, it helps."

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