NEW INTERVIEWS: Catch up with Robert Pattinson talking about Good Time, using film and more!

NEW INTERVIEWS: Catch up with Robert Pattinson talking about Good Time, using film and more!

Ahhhhhh he speaks! This is the most recent interview that happened today (Aug. 18). Rob's currently in Germany to shoot High Life!

MORE interviews under the cut!

3 more interviews to enjoy - 1 is audio, 1 is video and 1 is print.

First up, click HERE to listen to Rob's interview with BitchTalk after the 8minute mark!

Next, a press junket interview with Rob and the Safdie brothers.

Lastly, an excerpt with Rob from Entertainment Weekly:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tommy Lee Jones has an interesting connection to this character that you play in Good Time, isn’t that right?

ROBERT PATTINSON: Yeah, absolutely.

How so?

[Co-director] Josh Safdie had sent me Norman Mailer’s book The Executioner’s Song and then I watched the movie [made for TV in 1982] with Tommy Lee Jones as murderer Gary Gilmore. It’s just such a fascinating character. There’s something about his nihilism and the way he processes things. There’s not a conventional sense of guilt within him. After he’s committed a crime, he still thinks it’s someone else’s fault. Never self-reflective at all — that gave me a lot of energy as the character I was playing.

Because Connie in Good Time lacks a certain self-awareness?

Yes. It’s so interesting playing someone who makes everything pragmatic for himself. Connie thinks that everything is excusable because it’s in the service of what he wants. But that’s not how morality works. He needs that explained to him. And I found that fascinating.

And how did Tommy Lee Jones’ appearance affect how you look in this movie?

That was a kind of later thing. In preparation for the role, we were trying all these different things with my face. We were trying to get me to look more like Benny [Safdie], who plays my brother. So I put on a fake nose, tried some other prosthetics. But I looked crazy.

Crazy in the wrong way?

Yeah, crazy but not subtle. So what we did, and it was very simple, was just put a little bit of scarring and pock marks on my skin.

Click HERE to read the entire interview!


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