NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson's Doing 'Good Time' Promo In New York City (10th August)

NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson's Doing 'Good Time' Promo In New York City (10th August) 

Rob had a busy day promoting Good Time today with an appearance on GMA this morning and a Q&A at the AOL building later.
Here are some hq's from his day of Good Time Promotion

 photo 3.jpg  photo 2.jpg  photo 1.jpg

HQ's After The Cut

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Leaving his hotel

 photo nyc10thAugust2017__5_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__3_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__2_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__1_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__6_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__7_.jpg  photo nyc10thAugust2017__4_.jpg

At Good Morning America

 photo NYC10082017__11_.jpg photo NYC10082017__16_.jpg photo NYC10082017__12_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__17_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__13_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__15_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__19_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__20_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__22_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__18_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__24_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__23_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__26_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__21_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__28_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__25_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__27_.jpg

Leaving the AOL Building

 photo nycap10082017__7_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__6_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__3_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__5_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__8_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__4_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__2_.jpg  photo nycap10082017__1_.jpg photo NYC10082017__9_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__14_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__8_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__6_.jpg  photo 10aug__6_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__10_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__5_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__4_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__7_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__2_.jpg  photo NYC10082017__3_.jpg  photo 10aug__7_.jpg

HQ Photos: Posh


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