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Baby SuBert is here! Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse out on a stroll with their baby

The object of our Robsession is now a Daddy!👼

Suki Waterhouse, her mom and Robert Pattinson were spotted on a stroll in LA with their new baby SuBert in her pink stroller 💗

Judging by the pictures, he's in papa bear mode, protecting the baby with his pissed off posture :)

We wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy, blessed life baby SuBert 💗

More pictures HERE and the video HERE

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy Birthday Rob! 

You don't look a day over 35! And boy, does it look good on you 💓

Wishing you a great year where you will feel good, happy, relaxed and not smothered by our love.


Your fans forever,

Gozde, Kate, Kat, Tink, PJ and all the ROBsessed family.

Let's show him some love in the comments ;)

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NEW STILLS & BTS PICS From 'Life' Featuring Robert Pattinson As Dennis Stock

NEW STILLS & BTS PICS From 'Life' Featuring Robert Pattinson As Dennis Stock

Happy Monday!


image host

What is it about hot men with children?

image host

Click for UHQ

We had these ones before but now they are in better quality.

CHECK OUT MORE NEW STILLS (without Rob) over at our sister site

Thanks Mel

LA TIMES: Robert Pattinson is a revelation in The Rover! David Michôd calls his performance extraordinary!

LA TIMES: Robert Pattinson is a revelation in The Rover! David Michôd calls his performance extraordinary! 

OMG. Guys. Serious talk. Are you sitting down? Do you have your survival supplies? READ THIS.

 photo AyK5izI-Imgur-1.jpg

From LA Times, Kenneth Turan:
'The Rover,' shot in the scorching outback, chills the heart and soul

Film directors fretting on the set is nothing new, but David Michod, whose "The Rover" will debut at the Festival du Cannes on Saturday, had a concern that was considerably out of the ordinary: "I worried," he says, "that the actors would die."

Michod's first feature since 2010's knockout "Animal Kingdom," "The Rover" stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson and was filmed in the South Australian outback, where temperatures in the hottest time of the year are literally inhumane.

"We had a technical scout the week before we started shooting and it felt dangerous, the temperature was 50 degrees Celsius, which is 122 degrees Fahrenheit," the director recalled while in the cool interior of a posh hotel bar.

"You couldn't work in that kind of heat, if you stood outside for more than 20 minutes you could start to die. ... The producers [and I] had a short conversation about that, it was short because we didn't want to contemplate that possibility. Fortunately, the temperature during shooting went down to 40 to 45 degrees Celsius [104-113 Fahrenheit.] That sits within the spectrum suitable for human life."

Unaccountably slotted for the midnight section of the festival rather than the main competition, "The Rover" is a most impressive piece of filmmaking, tense and unrelenting, that chills the blood as well as the soul.

It not only features head-turning performances by Pearce as a man ferociously determined to get his stolen car back and Pattinson as someone dragged along in his wake, it is set in a completely terrifying world. It's 10 years after an unnamed global economic collapse, and this part of Australia has become a bleak and hopelessly hollowed-out society that Michod and his team have superbly created.

"I didn't want to do a post-Apocalypse movie, where you're on the other side of a catastrophe so unforeseeable that you can sit back and enjoy your popcorn," the director explained.

"And I didn't want the world reduced to total anarchy, I wanted an infrastructure of sorts, like in a resource-rich Third World country, where financial interests are protected and everyone else is left to fend for themselves. I wanted a world that could be right around the corner, something tense and menacing because of its palpable plausibility."

Writer-director Michod and his story collaborator, Joel Edgerton, came up with the idea for "The Rover" in 2007. "We scratched out an outline and I wrote a first draft when we were in Los Angeles, at loose ends and not knowing why we were there.

"We started out with nothing other than a man and a car in the desert. I always start with something generic and it becomes my goal to make it less so, to make it unusual, detailed, specific. If there are references and touchstones, I try to put those aside and make something you haven't seen before."

The success of 2010's "Animal Kingdom," first at Sundance and eventually at the Oscars (where costar Jackie Weaver got a best supporting actress nomination), was both unexpected and a career-changing experience for the 41-year-old director.

"I went to Sundance without having any idea of what anyone was going to make of the movie, I had totally lost perspective," Michod remembered. "I went bracing myself for embarrassment."

Instead came the exhilaration of success, and with it "suddenly an entire world of possibilities opened for me. I decided to keep myself open to the idea that my next film could come from anywhere.

"So I spent — or wasted — a couple of years reading other people's scripts. But I like building movies from the ground up, and I couldn't wrap my head around movies that were already half made. I wanted to do something of my own on my own terms."

That led Michod back to "The Rover" and the terrifying character of Eric, played by Pearce, "a murderously embittered man trying to track down the people who stole his car. He is a guy in his mid-40s, old enough to remember life before the collapse but young and vital enough to be dangerous. His character is slowly revealed to you, he had a complex emotional life that had just atrophied."

Pearce was one of the stars of "Animal Kingdom" and Michod wrote this part specifically for him, but the director still had to fight to get him, to combat the notion that "to get almost any movie made you need one of the eight guys in the world everyone wants."

"Guy is a lovely, warm and engaging human being, but there is something hidden and mysterious about him as an actor, and he is a master of taking minimal stuff and simply filling it with details," Michod said. "And he's a professional, he's really good at playing the instrument when he picks it up, and he's also good at putting it down, he doesn't need to wear the character when the camera isn't rolling."

Pearce's barely controlled ferocity as Eric is exceptional, but it is not as much of a revelation as Pattinson's unrecognizable work as Rey, a damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man's half-unwilling accomplice.

"I met him in Los Angeles when I was doing the 400,000 meetings I was expected to do after 'Animal Kingdom,'" Michod said. "I've learned not to dismiss actors based on preconceptions, and he was a classic example.

"I understand how young actors can paint themselves into luxurious corners, and I knew if I could get the movie made and Robert played that character, the world would see a skill set he has that I don't think he's previously ever demonstrated.

"Robert and Guy's performances are so extraordinary, I want them to win things," the director concluded, which is another reason "The Rover's" exclusion from the Cannes competition is so regrettable.

 photo verklempt.gif

So proud, so CRAZY proud of Rob!!!! It's a new day!!!!

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme commercial makes its US debut on NBC! Go see DiorRob at your local Macy's!

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme commercial makes its US debut on NBC! Go see DiorRob at your local Macy's!

DiorRob finally debuted on American television! Last night, the 30 second Dior Homme spot aired on NBC's special, 50 Years of Sports Illustrated around 9:30pm. Obviously Rob fans were very excited to see DiorRob stateside on their television sets. While the footage isn't new to us, it was new to millions of other people who aren't in Rob's fandom. Check out a few tweets in the side bar that we retweeted. DiorRob is winning them over!

Make sure you "follow your heart" down to your local Macy's and support Rob! TwilightGirlPortland snapped some GREAT pics of the Valentine's Day display at her Macy's.

 photo DiorRob2-7.jpg
 photo DiorRob3-3.jpg photo DiorRob-12.jpg

Time to buy some of that Eau for Men for YOUR men if you haven't already. GO ROB GO!!!!

Video: SpunkRansom | Photos: TwilightGirlPortland Via: Nancy

ARTICLE: "Robert Pattinson, one of the night's heroes, for his generosity towards the GO Campaign."

ARTICLE: "Robert Pattinson, one of the night's heroes, for his generosity towards the GO Campaign."

 photo RobGO.jpg
Photo caption: Robert Pattinson, one of the night’s heroes, for his generosity towards the GO Campaign

I can't get enough of the reports about Rob at the GO GO Gala for the charity, Go Campaign. They were so appreciative of Rob's contributions and his attendance. It was awesome to also look in our archives and read about the initial announcement for the auction that led to the girls' school in Cambodia. Click HERE and HERE for the flashback posts.

The author of the LA Times article we posted HERE and that will appear in the Nov. 24th print edition, wrote another article about the gala and reaped more praise on Rob and his giving heart. Excerpt (including the photo captions) from Society News LA:
Bravo Robert Pattinson for using your celebrity to help the Go Campaign to give the world’s children a brighter future and by continuing to contribute generously, as recently as the Nov. 14 GO GO Gala, by bidding with enthusiasm at the night’s live auction. 

More than 200 guests – Pattinson included – converged on the Bel-Air Bay Club in the Pacific Palisades for the charity’s annual Gala. Combining ticket and auction sales, the affair raised more than $500,000 to help children in need everywhere by providing them with homes, education, rehabilitation, safety from sex trafficking and more.
Former US Senate aide, attorney and script writer Scott Fifer - whose TV writing credits include two Primetime Emmy broadcasts – said he first launched the charity after traveling to Tanzania and meeting a group of orphans. Through a network of “local heroes,” who understand the needs of their communities, the Go Campaign has since helped more than 41,000 children. The varied projects have included a girls’ school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, funded thanks to Pattinson. 
“I can’t forget what Rob Pattinson did for us that had tremendous impact,” Fifer said from onstage. “Two years ago, Rob generously donated a ‘meet & greet’ on the set of ’Twilight Breaking Dawn’ for our online auction. And so we put it on Charity Buzz ( and it sold to a woman in Chicago for $80,000.” After recounting the success of the girls’ home, Fifer added, “So Rob, there are 25 girls in Cambodia who wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t just say thank you. Thank you for your kindness.” 
So was the meet & greet worth $80,000 to the buyer? Apparently so. In a subsequent conversation, Fifer said that same woman later paid handsomely for an advance screening of the film. Attending the Gala with friends, Pattinson bought himself a cello – made from trash found in a landfill – from the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, Paraguay, with his bid of $5,600.
 photo RobGO2.jpg
Photo Caption: Robert Pattinson cheerfully bids on the recycled cello at the GO GO Gala 

Click HERE if you missed any of the pics from the GO GO Gala on Thursday night.

 photo GoGoGalaRobertPattinsonHQ09.jpg
Photo Caption: GO Campaign founder Scott Fifer, left, delivers a cello from Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra to high bidder Robert Pattinson at the GO GO Gala 

Could we love Rob more? We can try.
 photo tumblr_m8x3j55BaS1r0o8jjo3_500.gif

NEW: HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (Aug. 16)

NEW: HQ pics of Robert Pattinson at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (Aug. 16)

UPDATE: Added HQs and 6 total pictures!

OH MY GOD. My heart.

 photo RobertPattinsonCHLA4-1.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonCHLA6-1.jpg
 photo RobertPattinsonCHLA3-1.jpg

This is Rob with Maps To The Stars producers, Martin Katz and Renee Tab!
 photo RobertPattinsonCHLA1-1.jpg photo RobertPattinsonCHLA2-1.jpg photo RobertPattinsonCHLA5-1.jpg

From People:
Robert Pattinson put a sparkle in the eyes of a group of young people when he visited the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The Twilight star made a surprise trip to the hospital's Teen Lounge on Aug. 16, and joined the patients who were decorating picture frames. The 27-year-old, who is currently filming Maps to the Stars in L.A., created a pink frame decorated with hearts, and laughed at his own "terrible" artistic skills before posing for photos and signing each kid's picture frame. 
"Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids – he didn’t want to let them down – which is a testament to how humble he is," Child Life specialist Ana Vega said. "He was incredibly gracious and kind." 
Pattinson also visited two cystic fibrosis patients – huge Twilight fans – who were unable to leave their rooms. "We couldn't help laughing and smiling when one of the patients was so starstruck that she couldn't speak. You could tell it meant the world to her – she was tearing up and smiling ear to ear," said Lyndsay Hutchinson, the hospital's public information officer. "The other little girl teased him relentlessly and begged him to do an American accent. They were instant friends."
Click HERE to see video of Rob at the hospital! Click HERE to see pics of Rob from the day!

 photo tumblr_m8x3j55BaS1r0o8jjo3_500.gif

HQ pics and more write up about the visit (why was Martin Katz there?) after the cut!

David Cronenberg Talks About Directing Robert Pattinson In "Cosmopolis"- "I'll Be There. I'll Be With You Every Moment"

Great interview with David Cronenberg from where he talks about casting the right person (i.e. Robert Pattinson) for the role of Eric Packer (and be prepared for your heart to swell when you read this!)
Seriously I didn't think it was possible to love David anymore than I already do!


As Eric, Pattinson is in every scene of the film, portraying a character unlike any he's tackled before. And in our exclusive interview in support of Cosmopolis' theatrical release by eONE Films, writer/director Cronenberg explained why Pattinson was right for the part of Eric and how he went about tackling the adaptation of DeLillo's novel.

In casting Robert Pattinson, it's kind of a double-edge sword, isn't it? You have his Twilight fans anxious to support him in whatever he chooses to do and then you have the people who dismiss him because he is 'that guy from Twilight'.

"Yeah. In a weird way, on the one hand of course I'm completely aware of all of those elements and also of course when you're making a movie that for an independent movie was relatively expensive, you have to have a leading character who is very charismatic and who can carry the weight and has the star quality and so on, because you're going to be looking at him. He's literally in every scene in the movie, and that's pretty unusual. I mean even in Tom Cruise movies, Tom is not in absolutely every scene of the movie - but Rob is. So he has to have that. But at the same time, you want to forget the movies, you know? You want to forget his movies and my movies because we're creating this completely new thing and you don't know what audience you're going to get. You can anticipate it, you can think about it, but really you don't know. So ultimately when you're making the movie you're saying, 'Okay, I'm here with these actors. They're wonderful actors, I cast them because they're terrific and they will bring great stuff to the script,' and then at that point you're just making a movie and you're not thinking about any other movie."

Needing an actor to carry the film by being in every scene, how did you figure out Robert Pattinson was the right guy to play Eric?

[Laughing] "Well, this is the magic of casting! I think as a director, it's part of your job. It's a really important part of your job. I think a lot of people don't even realize that the director's involved in casting. Some people say, 'Did you choose your actors?,' and I say, 'Yes. You're not a director if you don't.'"

"Of course, you're juggling many things, like I say. You're juggling, for example, their passports. This is a Canada / France co-production and we were limited to one American actor. Most people of course don't know that - nor should they. Paul Giamatti is the only American in this movie even though it takes place in New York City. So from that kind of aspect to just finding the right guy...of course he's got to be the right age, there are a lot of things that are just basic. And then after that, though, there are no rules. You as a director just have to intuit that this actor will be able to carry off this role."

"We often talk about chemistry, for example, in movies between actors, let's say. When I was doing A Dangerous Method, Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender - how do I know they have chemistry together because I had never seen them in a movie together? They've never been in one; they've never met each other. I don't see them together until I'm actually directing them, so I have to be this kind of dating master who can anticipate that this couple will be good together. It's a strange kind of thing. So you give yourself credit when it works, and you have to berate yourself when somehow it hasn't worked. That's basically where you're left."

It strikes me with Cosmopolis that the chemistry actually needed to come between you and Robert more so than between Rob and any of his co-stars.

"There's truth in that too. That is the unspoken thing is the chemistry between the director and the actors is the key. And at a certain point I think Rob know, he's a serious actor and he didn't want to be the one who was going to blow this movie. He was kind of thinking, 'Well, I'll be alone in that limo because I won't have one person who is always playing opposite me. It's really a one-man show with a lot of day players coming in.' And I said, 'No, you won't be alone because I'll be there. I'll be with you every moment.' And so that is a real element."
(Kate: My heart!)

Do you think that you view the character of Eric the same way that author DeLillo did? Or do you think that you two don't necessarily agree on how an audience should look at him?

"I think we actually illuminate things for each other. I've been on the road doing publicity with Don in several countries and I think he was pretty intrigued by seeing what would happen. Because, after all, once you put Rob Pattinson in that role, that's a very specific thing. You've got a particular face and a particular voice and a body, and that's something that the novel can not have. That's one of the things that movies can do that novels can not do, and so it immediately shapes the character in a way that he wasn't shaped in the novel. So, there are differences, I think, but it's not a major split or divergence. It's just really shading and shaping things. It's just really hearing the dialogue spoken, which was something that when I read the novel, I thought, 'Yeah, I really want to hear this spoken by really great actors.' Just doing that immediately changes your reaction to the characters and to the words. So there is a difference, definitely."

I excerpted the parts where he mentioned Rob but check out the rest of the interview HERE it's a good read!
via RobPattzNews

"Hugs For Eric" - Old Robert Pattinson "Cosmopolis" Still Now In HQ

We had this Robert Pattinson "Cosmopoils" Still before but now it's in HQ and bigger is always better.

Now who feels like a group hug?


Click For HQ


FIRST PIC: Robert Pattinson with a fan in Sweden

FIRST PIC: Robert Pattinson with a fan in Sweden

Whoa, right?! WHOA.


If you can tear your eyes away from the sexy MAN above, here's a little schedule update. Rob and Ashley are scheduled to kick off Breaking Dawn promo in Stockholm, tomorrow.

Press Conference & Photocall: 3pm Swedish time (9am ET/6am PST)
Fan Event: 6:00-8:3pm Swedish time
Rob & Ashley expected: 7pm Swedish time (1pm ET/10am PST)

Thanks for sending us the picture, Julia!

Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon "Water For Elephants" Still (Now HQ)

We had this Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon "Water For Elephants" Still before but now it's HQ.

How many of you want to kiss his bruised cheek all better? Or is it just me? ;-}


Click for HQ

Source Robert Pattinson Mom’s via Spunk Ransom

UHQ & Untagged Robert Pattinson "Breaking Dawn" Stills

UHQ & Untagged Robert Pattinson Is THE BEST!!


Click and Click Again For UHQ

Source Collider
Check out other Stills (without Rob) over there

*NEW* Robert Pattinson "Water For Elephants" Stills

Check out the Official Water for Elephants Facebook and go LIKE them!

Look at these gorgeous new Robert Pattinson "Water For Elephants" stills. I'm so looking forward to this movie.


And here's another.
This movie is gonna be good!


Source Water for Elephants Facebook

Robert Pattinson "All Grown Up" On

Yes Robert Pattinson Is definitely "All Grown Up" now and has made it onto's list of "All Grown Up: Child Stars"

Here he is in 2005 at the Harry Potter GOF Premiere in his velvet jacket and leather trousers. Awkward, gangly (Kate: Yet still VERY cute) and in need of a Hollywood polish,(Kate: ME, ME, ME I'll do it) R-Patz BT (Before Twilight) was yet to secure his place upon a million teen’s bedroom walls (and the GLAMOUR.COM office walls, for that matter).


And here he is in 2011 at the Golden Globes, all grown up (but still as cute as a button).
Now we’re talking! A well-cut suit, a little hair gel, a spot of manly stubble…be still our beating hearts.


HQ Entertainment Weekly Scan With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart "Breaking Dawn" Pic

HQ version of The "Breaking Dawn" pic from "Entertainment Weekly" Magazine with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.


Click and Click Again for HQ

Thanks to Everglow

I cropped the pic for you ;-)


Click and save for Full Size

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