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Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

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Adorable Robert Pattinson Fan Pic From 2006 & A Collectormania Flashback

Adorable Robert Pattinson Fan Pic From 2006 & A Collectormania Flashback

This super cute fan pic of Rob from the May 2006 Harry Potter Collectormania popped up online the other day. I'm not 100% sure if it's brand new I feel like I've seen it before but it is pretty cute.

image host

And what a perfect opportunity to have a little flashback to Collectormania 2006. There were actually a few different Collectormanias for Harry Potter from Feb - May 2006, so we've included pics from them all.

Hello Jawporn

image host

Loving this cute interview with Rob

And here's a video of Rob being Rob on a panel ;)

According to the description on the video below a member of the audience asked Rob if he had a girlfriend and he was answering by saying himself and one of the Phelps twins were an item LMAO

As we know Rob's castmates ALWAYS have good things to say about Rob. Have a listen to what Jeff Rawle (who played Rob's screen Dad in Harry Potter) had to say about working with Rob all those years ago.

Check out LOOOOOOADS More CollectorMania pics After the Cut 
(I got a bit carried away. Sorry not sorry)

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 24 ~ Cute pic of Rob from Harry Potter days

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 24 ~ Cute pic of Rob from Harry Potter days

UPDATE: Added Kat's! What a cute 365DoR day <3
 photo HugRob.gif

These are so fun and cute. Boyish, free spirited, adorable with a side of cheek - all meanings of the word. ;)

"Always adorable, the end ;-)"

 photo HP_shoot_2_003.jpg

"why so kinky, Rob?? lucky liz with such an invitation. what must that den be the DR for sure. ;)"

 photo RobDenOfSin.jpg

"I’ve just got to go with this one. The leather trousers and plush velvet jacket crack me up. I love them in a crazy way. They’re hideous yet awesome. But the cute is always hanging out there for all to see."

 photo tumblr_mk733xw9OL1qf3lw1o1_500.jpg

Click the thumbnail if you need to review the March calendar. If you missed the whole year, there's a link on the sidebar :)

If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :)

New/Old Cute Pic Of Robert Pattinson & His Harry Potter Castmates

New/Old Cute Pic Of Robert Pattinson & His Harry Potter Castmates

Matthew Lewis posted this old cute cast pic to his twitter a few mins ago. It's new to me ;-)


Click for Larger

Thanks to Lesley for the tip!

Kevin Durand and Jeff Rawle have nothing but compliments for Robert Pattinson

Kevin Durand and Jeff Rawle have nothing but compliments for Robert Pattinson

UPDATE: More Kevin talking about Rob :)

srpro.6512kdtcsmplsrp by officialspunkransom

Kevin Durand talks about Robert Pattinson and of course mentions how awesome Rob is.

And a mention that goes back to Rob's origins, the actor that played his father in Harry Potter had nothing but lovely things to say.

Rob is forever consistent. His professionalism shines yesterday, today and tomorrow.


People Mention Robert Pattinson: Daniel Radcliffe & Kellan Lutz

People Mention Robert Pattinson: Daniel Radcliffe & Kellan Lutz

UPDATE: Chaske Spencer mentions Rob, Kristen & Taylor just after 1:30 mark

I love how gracious Daniel always is when asked about the Twilight franchise. The fandom rivalries are silly.  Here he's promoting his successful post-Harry Potter film, Woman in Black, and one of the questions leads to Twilight and Rob talk.

At :50

I like how his "Team Edward" comment was like a "duh". ;)

Quick mention from Kellan Lutz about Rob's style on eonline:
Kellan thinks Taylor Lautner has “great style,” and Robert Pattinson? “He has his own thrown-together-but-looks-amazing style.”
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Blast From The Past : Robert Pattinson As Cedric Diggory

This Robert Pattinson pic was doing the rounds today as a NEW pic so I thought this is as good a reason as any to do a flashback of Rob as Cedric Diggory because that's where this pic comes from.


It's NOT new. It's a screencap of Rob being interviewed in a Behind The Scenes programme on Harry Potter GOF that was filmed for UK TV.

Here's the video it's from at the 3:54 mark

And because I got all sentimental looking at this, I ended up watching the whole programme!

ALL of the vids are after the cut in case you want to do the same and also another little funny flashback (that a lot of you may remember) because who doesn't love Cedric?

Final Round: Vote for Robert Pattinson in E! Online Poll + More Results

Final Round: Vote for Robert Pattinson in E! Online Poll + More Results

Will the polling madness every end??


Lucky for us, the final round to E! Online's poll is here! The winner gets $25,000 dontated to the charity of their choice. The final contenders?

Rob & Kristen.


What a coincedence, E!Online.


Click HERE to VOTE FOR ROB!!!!

How did those MTV/Next Movie polls go?
Find out after the cut!

New/Old Harry Potter Cast Pic With Robert Pattinson

This Harry Potter Cast pic with Robert Pattinson is new to me.

Oh Cedric!
And for your viewing pleasure I cropped and zoomed in on Rob ;-)


Source via Source

Cedric Diggory's father from Harry Potter talks about working with Robert Pattinson

Cedric Diggory's father from Harry Potter talks about working with Robert Pattinson

So so cute :)


Jeff Rawle (Amos Diggory) talks to Inside Soap magazine about Rob & playing his father in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

In the Harry Potter films, you played Amos Diggory, dad to Robert Pattinson's character, Cedric. Did you enjoy that?

Well, that was a casting problem for the films, you see. They had to find someone as good-looking as Robert to play his father, so they said, "Let's get Jeff Rawle"! Robert seemed happy enough to go along with it - he's such a sweet boy and has gone on to have fantastic success. We spent a lot of time together on set, and had great fun.

Sweet mention :)


Click thumbnails for HQ

Scan: @Gossipgyal

Robert Pattinson is a "great American" on MTV

Tom Felton calls Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen and a beautiful man. lol Damn right. ;)

Rob mention at :56 but overall a cute video of Harry Potter crew.

Yes, Josh, Rob IS a great American. We'll happily take him. ;)


Miranda Richardson Supports Robert Pattinson & Team Edward

We're glad to see that Miranda Richardson is supporting her ex Harry Potter co-star, Robert Pattinson and is declaring that she LOVES "Twilight" and is Team Edward all the way.

Read what she had to say toCollider in a recent interview.


Even though you’re not a part of the final Harry Potter film, do you have any final thoughts on the closure of the series?

RICHARDSON: Oh, I’m looking forward to Breaking Dawn! (Kate: Emmm..... I think they were asking you about Harry Potter Miranda, not Twilight {giggle}) I think it’s a great thing to be part of. I do, truly. I think it’s something that’s going to last. Even though the special effects move on, at a fast pace, I think that the storytelling, which is of prime importance, is pretty great, during that franchise. I think there’s a back-and-forth that happens. The kids don’t just see the movies, but they also read the books. It doesn’t matter if they read them before or after. There’s a wish and a will to get involved in that world, which is great. I know that the stories have a lot of detractors, but [J.K. Rowling] got people reading again, in a mass way.

What is it about Breaking Dawn that you’re so excited about?

RICHARDSON: Oh, I’m a huge Twilight fan! I love it! Maybe they’ll invite me to the premiere now.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

RICHARDSON: Oh God, don’t do that! I’m Team Edward (Kate: Of course you are!)

Read to the full interview over at Collider

HQ Version Of NEW/Old Robert Pattinson GOF Pic (Plus Another Pic)

So you KNOW I HAD to go out and get myself a copy of the "Empire" Magazine that had the new pic Of Robert Pattinson from Harry Potter "Goblet Of Fire" didn't you? :-}

And of course I scanned it for you.


I spy with my little eye somebody lurking in the background of this pic!
(I don't have a clue if this is new or not because like I said yesterday, I don't follow Harry Potter {shock, horror})


Click and Click Again For HQ

New/Old Robert Pattinson "Goblet Of Fire" Pic

This pic of Robert Pattinson is new to me (although I'm not a big Harry Potter fan).
It's in the latest issue of "Empire" magazine which is a special Harry Potter Edition.

How cute is this??


Thanks to Keogirl for the pic and to Tink for cropping ;-)

Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter montage during the BAFTAs

Robert Pattinson's physical body was not at the BAFTAs but his presence was still felt.


Robert Pattinson needs to send Daniel Radcliffe a bouquet of flowers

Maybe Rob can send yellow roses. Isn't that the flower of friendship? LOL I think the Potter crew is ROBsessed ;)

From MTV:

Daniel Radcliffe has found Robert Pattinson's rise to fame instructive. "I have no concept of what "Potter" looks like to the rest of the world, because I'm so involved in it," Radcliffe once told us. "So to watch "Twilight" kind of explode globally had been fascinating."

Radcliffe also finds RPattz — his onetime "Potter" co-star — an appropriate target for some good-natured mockery. Earlier this month, the 21-year-old actor voiced a vampire character on "The Simpsons," a pasty-faced heartthrob named Edmund directly inspired by Pattinson's Twi-hunk Edward. Radcliffe hasn't yet heard from his pal about the episode, but he's pretty sure Rob didn't mind the parody.

"You cannot be in a film as big as either "Potter" or "Twilight" and not have a pretty good sense of humor about yourself," Radcliffe told us.

In the Halloween-themed episode, young Lisa Simpson falls for Radcliffe's character after he saves her from an out-of-control school bus, a direct reference to the way in which Edward and Bella connect in "Twilight." "I love your pallor," Lisa coos.

Radcliffe himself has found himself a "Simpsons" target in the past, with references ranging from a Homer Simpson pet pig named Harry Plopper to a religious-minded character noting Potter and his wizard pals are going to hell. "South Park," too, has zinged "Potter": During a send-up of "The Lord of the Rings," one character mocks a group of kids for dressing up like the Hogwarts crew. Radcliffe thinks it's all hilarious, and he's sure RPattz does too.

"I find it all so cool and funny and flattering," he said. "I'm sure Rob's got a sense of humor about [it].

"I'm sure I'll be getting a bouquet of flowers," he added.

New/Old Interview with Robert Pattinson during Harry Potter days

I hadn't seen this before and Robert Pattinson is just as adorable as ever :)

Here's a gallery of Rob's cuteness at Collectormania in February 2006 courtesy of RobertPattinsonSource




View the gallery after the cut :)

Daniel Radcliffe mentions Robert Pattinson

While promoting the new Harry Potter with Enews, Daniel Radcliffe sets the record straight about his "rivalry" with Robert Pattinson and Twilight.

Starts around :53

That's right, Daniel! Peace, love, and harmony! Best wishes on the final Potter movies :)

HQ stills of Robert Pattinson in Goblet of Fire

HQ stills of Robert Pattinson in Goblet of Fire

Get 'em, Cedric! Awww *tear*


He looks GREAT in a scarf (and cap?). I know I'm biased but doesn't he?


Cute! His flush is so adorkable :))


Click for HQ Cedric!

HQ Promo Pics of Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter GoF & a Bio from HP days

HQ Promo Pics of Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter GoF & a Bio from HP days

Oooooo...he's cuuuuuute...I wanna dance with him. More jawpornage too!
I think Kat put the vibes out there.

Click for HQ Cedric!

And this is just about the cutest thing as well. Can anyone make lentil soup? And I LOVE Splash! I wanted to be named Madison after I saw that movie. Although I think Rob was joking while filling this whole thing out ;)

Foul on the birth year (and some sports *giggle*) but here's the part Rob added:

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Splash
Favorite Food: Lentils
Favorite Bands: Rage Against The Machine
How You Got The Part Of Cedric: Auditioning - a long time ago!

Love Rob

HQ pics: Gossip Dance Bio: Robstenation
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