Robert Pattinson needs to send Daniel Radcliffe a bouquet of flowers

Maybe Rob can send yellow roses. Isn't that the flower of friendship? LOL I think the Potter crew is ROBsessed ;)

From MTV:

Daniel Radcliffe has found Robert Pattinson's rise to fame instructive. "I have no concept of what "Potter" looks like to the rest of the world, because I'm so involved in it," Radcliffe once told us. "So to watch "Twilight" kind of explode globally had been fascinating."

Radcliffe also finds RPattz — his onetime "Potter" co-star — an appropriate target for some good-natured mockery. Earlier this month, the 21-year-old actor voiced a vampire character on "The Simpsons," a pasty-faced heartthrob named Edmund directly inspired by Pattinson's Twi-hunk Edward. Radcliffe hasn't yet heard from his pal about the episode, but he's pretty sure Rob didn't mind the parody.

"You cannot be in a film as big as either "Potter" or "Twilight" and not have a pretty good sense of humor about yourself," Radcliffe told us.

In the Halloween-themed episode, young Lisa Simpson falls for Radcliffe's character after he saves her from an out-of-control school bus, a direct reference to the way in which Edward and Bella connect in "Twilight." "I love your pallor," Lisa coos.

Radcliffe himself has found himself a "Simpsons" target in the past, with references ranging from a Homer Simpson pet pig named Harry Plopper to a religious-minded character noting Potter and his wizard pals are going to hell. "South Park," too, has zinged "Potter": During a send-up of "The Lord of the Rings," one character mocks a group of kids for dressing up like the Hogwarts crew. Radcliffe thinks it's all hilarious, and he's sure RPattz does too.

"I find it all so cool and funny and flattering," he said. "I'm sure Rob's got a sense of humor about [it].

"I'm sure I'll be getting a bouquet of flowers," he added.
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