Round-up Of "Breaking Dawn" Filming Updates From Yesterday

New Pic of Isle Esme yesterday with the window blocked off and a security boat keeping watch


So you may or may not have been keeping track on twitter of what was going down in Rio with the "Breaking Dawn" Filming yesterday.

So just in case you missed anything here's a round-up.

Filming at Isle Esme started around 10:30 am with scenes being shot inside the house. The scenes weren't shot in order (which is not unusual). So they filmed the morning after scenes first (bruises and phone call) and the hot and steamy scenes were being shot later on that night.

There was only a few people on the set. Rob, Kristen, about 2 or 3 cameramen and Bill.
It hasn't been confirmed if Steph was there or not but it has been "rumoured" that she was present at the filming of the bedroom scenes (You better give me what I've been waiting for Steph) Hands up who wants to be Steph for a day? In particular yesterday? Imagine seeing that first hand........Oh God I don't think I could stay quiet watching. I'd probably be biting my tongue.

Anyway back on track...........

Then they moved onto the beach where "according" to a fan there, Kristen recorded the waterfall scene in a white bikini and shorts.
"Rumour" also has it that it was Steph's idea that Kristen wear shorts over her swimsuit for that scene! (WTF Steph ??)

There was a boat full of papz at the island pointing to the house where they were staying (the production house), not the house that they were filming at, although as you can see from the photo above they didn't have much chance of getting any pics as the house was bocked off and there was a security boat on patrol. (We should have sent them some underwater diving gear so they could get up close and personal)

The water sex scene wrapped at 1am. (God what I wouldn't give for some pics!) Bill Condon was very happy.
Filming should wrap today just a few details left to shoot.

It's said that Rob and Kristen are to leave Brazil Saturday

So there you have it, you're all up to date now with what went on in Rio yesterday!

Thanks to fab__w TwiTeteia foforks RK_Br FePattz SoRandomlyTrue & KstewDefenders
for all the info
Pictures Source FePattz

Ooh and freaky fact time.
Mackenzie Foy, who as you know, is playing Renesmee celebrated her birthday yesterday which is a bit strange seeing as they were busy filming Renesmee's "creation" scene!
(Cue Twilight Zone music)


Thanks to Mona for that bit of info

And here's another News Report From Brazil

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