Jumping Robert Pattinson is adorkable brilliance



It's one thing to have a part in the two supernatural movie franchises that define a generation, but today's film heartthrob is nobody ... NOBODY ... until his awkward candid shot is Photoshopped into an infinite thread of awkward situations by the Universal Consciousness that is the Internet.

Congratulations Cedric Diggory aka Edward Cullen aka Mr. Kristen Stewartaka Robert Pattinson. You've made it. Thanks to your water-leaping shot in swim trunks that sure as heck look like boxer briefs, you sir, are officially an Internet meme.

Just as Sad Keanu Reeves is sad, Strutting Leo DiCaprio is strutting, Prancing Michael Cera is prancing, and Sad Don Draper is ... also sad, you, Jumping Rob Pattinson, are jumping.

Be it away from a movie explosion, toward an unsuspecting Bella Swan, behind Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, next to a streaking Will Ferrell or along with Olympic gold-medal swimmer Michael Phelps, thanks to computer software and an infinite amount of free time, you are there.

The laughter is giving me a headache...if you have a tumblr account, you know people have been going wild with Jumping Rob. I love that Rob is now an infamous internet meme and I personally think Rob's meme is better than Keanu's, Leo's and Cera's. :)



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