ROBsession 101: Oh to be a friend of Robert Pattinson

We posted this video during Eclipse promo but let's look again since it's one of the cutest interviews Rob's done.

Many folks have noted how comfortable Rob seemed with the interviewer. Said she should do all his interviews. Maybe some people don't realize Rob and the interviewer go back...way back...back into time...

Class is in session!

Robert Pattinson and Miquita Oliver were first photographed together December 2007 leaving the Groucho Club.


Apart from the black hair that I love (left over from Robvador), the sweater on Miquita looks familiar right?

That's because Rob was wearing it earlier that evening at an event in London. The shared sweater from November 6, 2007 shows what a gentleman (ahem, JAG) Rob is to lend his friend a sweater when it's cold.


Wonder if Tom, Rob's normal clothes swapping buddy, was jealous that he let someone else borrow that truly lovely sweater...


Nope. Guess not.

We know Rob went off to audition for Twilight at the end of '07 and eventually packed up and headed to Portland...never to return to London the same. Yet, Rob is the same man on the inside. So many of Rob's friends comment on how loyal he is and how fame hasn't changed his character. Rob and Tom went out with several friends, including Miquita in Feb. 2009. It was like a reunion! We first posted the late night excursions of Rob & Friends on 2/8/09 back at the Groucho Club.


Rob: I think Miquita farted.
Miquita: Gohd know it's Tom who's gassy.


Rob: I told you guys to wear a beanie to keep your hair out of your eyes. No one listens to me.


Rob is a sweetheart and from what we can witness as outsiders, he's a wonderful friend. For those celebrating, have a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you are surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones :))

View the HQ gallery of these events courtesy of RobertPattinsonSource after the cut.

Tom pic: Source
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