Tom Felton knows Robert Pattinson is sexier

When it comes to "Harry Potter," actor Tom Felton tops our list. No, literally, he topped our list of the Top 10 "Harry Potter" Hotties, and it's a decision we've been thankful for ever since. Not only is Tom adorable, charming and sweet (just see the way he talks and acts around his longtime-girlfriend Jade—swoon), he is also an avid Twitter user, which is why we weren't so surprised when he read and retweeted our list.

Apparently he's always had a crush on us as well (thanks Tom!), and he told MTV News during the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" London press junket that he was "blown away" (Tink: we're blown away too, Tom.) by being our No. 1 sexiest young "Potter" star. Little did we know, though, that he had another motivation for promoting the list. Hint: His name rhymes with Shmobert Shmatterson.

"You know why I retweeted it, because you know that's the only list you'll ever see where I'm ahead of Robert Pattinson for something to do with sexiness, which is completely untrue and unfathomable, but I will take it in great stead," Tom said with great candor.

That Tom Felton, what a modest man. I'm sure the hundreds of fans out there who sided with me naming Tom No. 1 over RPattz would agree that Tom is completely off his rocker when he thinks that the honor of being our top "Potter" hottie is "untrue and unfathomable." (Tink: unfathomable...I think I said that myself when I saw the list.) But does this mean that he and Rob are going to come to some sort of fisticuffs so Rob can claim the title? Or maybe just joke about how silly the whole thing is?

"I don’t think we really have that much to laugh at," Tom told us, "however I'm sure he'll let it slide this once." (Tink: I'm not letting it slide. I'm hunting down every Tom voter and they will KNOW who's sexiest.)
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