Transcript Of "Eclipse" Commentary With Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


I'm so looking forward to Robert Pattinson's commentary on "Eclipse" and this transcript was floating about online yesterday so I thought some of you might enjoy it.
Obviously it is Spoilerish so if you don't want to be spoiled don't look after the cut.

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Transcipt is after the cut!

Rob was in LA and Kristen was in Montreal when they recorded it. They are interacting just like CW and his editor in NM commentary.

Like in Twilight, there are lot of cheeseburger talk in this one.
Rob just had an In-and-Out cheeseburger and Kristen is ‘harboring hostility’ over this because she wants one, too. Oh and Rob has another one by his side…which he finished up through the movie.

Its like a Rob and Kristen radio comedy show with Kristen giggling, laughing and saying “Shut up” to Rob the whole time. Think Oprah backstage interview. Oh and of course, there’s Rob and his different voices throughout.

Bella’s wig was ridiculed throughout the whole time. Lots of “follicle issue” in this film, wig and sideburns. Rob: Why do I have such long sideburns?
Rob: “You look like Damian Marley”
Kristen: “I look like Jacob.

Rob commented all throughout that that there is “too much kissing” in this movie. Lol It only proves he is “prudish and conservative”

More food talk. Shawarmas, butterscotch and chipotle.

Kristen talks about sharing with Sam Riley the plot of Breaking Dawn story, ‘imprinting’ .

They talked about the LA Convention with the girls shouting. “Take your shirt off” and “Bite that pillow”.

Edward is more secure than Rob. He can handle ‘the Jacob threat’, while Rob stays upset.

Kristen said she filmed the entire ‘third wife” flashback scene. She had two braids and wore a fake tan. “I did all those. That’s me.”

Bella’s bed is small. Rob says its “so tiny, its very bouncy, very annoying. Every time my feet would hang at the end and stuff.”

According to Rob, Taylor was not with them because ,”he didn’t want to be here. He has personal things to do. He is working out right now.” Kristen was just laughing

They talk about Bella and Edward’s relationship a lot. Kristen is always defending her character. But the way they bicker is so cute.

They are happy for Anna’s Oscar nomination. They both hated the grad party. Lol

Kristen’s Bella cast, ruined Rob’s toe in Twilight prom scene. “it never recovered.” Lol

Rob talks about Jackson’s lips being an ‘unusual’ color. Some kind of “orange”

A brown or grizzly bear visited the set, and ate blueberries.

Rob hates Jacob. “He is so gross, so brazen. I don’t really like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo…” Yuck! He is the worst guy in the world.

I won’t give you too much spoilers on the ‘leg hitch’ and the’ proposal scene.’ But there are lots of ‘Aww’ from Kristen while Edward is proposing.

According to Rob Taylor is a sport. “He has his shirt off the entire time, its so embarrassing.”

Kristen and Taylor filmed scenes of their characters as older folks- should have been shown when they were kissing.

They were making fun of Booboo’s name and Kristen realized this and said ‘this is not okay’. They never called him as his character Seth.

Kristen defended Bella’s statement at the last meadow scene.

Opening scene.
Rob: “Xavier would make a wonderful hamburger. He is just dripping with spread right now”
Kristen: That’s so gross.
Rob: “We’re not in the scene, so its irrelevant. He is just running around shouting.”

Rob: You do a different thing when you get bitten by a vampire, which is so much sexier.
Kristen: Shut up!

Kristen talks about Eclipse in French ‘Hesitacion’

Meadow scene:
One of the‘hardest scenes’ to shoot. First scene that was filmed on the first day, and the last scene on the second day. Kristen and Rob make fun of Bella’s wig throughout the DVD.
Rob: “You look like Damian Marley”
Kristen: “I look like Jacob”

“Kiss is too raunchy for my taste.

Rob: I have a weird sideburns. I do have a follicle issue in this movie.
Kristen: Don’t even go there.

Rob commented all throughout that that there is “too much kissing” in this movie. Lol
Rob: I remember doing this scene with you – its so easy. God. I do not know what I’m talking about.
Rob: Lots of kissing in this film, after a while I get uncomfortable.

Police Station Scene with Charlie.
They talk about Billy Burke as Charlie.

Rob asked Kristen, if she already knows how she will look like when she’s a vampire.
Kristen: Basically, I’m going to be really white. I don’t know..
Rob: No one cares about girl vampires.

And they got bored…
Rob: Do you have anything interesting Vancouver stories?
Talks about shawarma. Rob talks about how Kristen puts in too much hot sauce in them.

More burger talk…they talk about Burger King and A& W burgers. “I like A&W, I’m really into it.”

Florida scene:
R: You were supposed to wear a bikini in this scene.
K: They would never let Bella wear a bikini
They made fun of Bella’s sunglasses, Rob called it ‘Stepford Wives’ glasses
Rob called the quilt “a nice rug”
Rob: “The two-headed snake from Appaloosa”

Cullens encounter with Victoria.
Rob: I never understood the technicalities of Alice’s thing.
They discussed this and the cast getting into serious physical fitness for Eclipse.
Rob: “Pump it! Work it”
Rob did boxing in New Moon.

Apparently, Rob ate his second cheeseburger and his tummy is acting up. haha

Parking Lot Scene with Jacob

Rob commented why he is not allowed to wear hoods in this films and Kristen does.
Rob: It’s because its raining.
Kristen: And it looks good, better (for the wig)

Rob: I do not get your decision making process to leave here. I’ve got to break up with you immediately. It’s like please don’t leave me…
Kristen explains Bella’s decision: She’s allowed to have other relationships.
Rob: Why? No, she’s not allowed to have other relationships. If I ever saw my girlfriend go around with these bunch of guys with little shirts, bellies out and their fake tanned nipples…fake tattoos.

Kristen: Edward is a little bit more mature than you.
Rob: Mature? Nah
Kristen: He can handle it. He’s a little bit more secure.
Rob: Can I ask you something? Did the weather affect the shooting today?

They talk about Leah and her jump.

Kristen talks about sharing with Sam Riley the plot of Breaking Dawn story, ‘imprinting’ .

Rob: Oh man! That is going to be the best scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’ I cant wait. Oh my God!

Rob and Kristen were wondering if fans would want to listen to the commentary. ‘Amazing’ fans. They talk about Xavier.

Edward checks Bella’s house after Riley’s visit.
Rob was so nervous in this scene. “My hair is having a nervous breakdown as well.
Kristen: Your hair is so bushy. Freaking out.

They talked about the LA Convention with the girls shouting. “Take your shirt off” and “Bite that pillow”.

Rob: Edward is in a lose-lose situation in this movie, kind of.
Kristen: Why is he in a lose-lose situation. You always want to play the victim.
Rob: He is really victimized.

Rob says, “the wolfs” instead of wolves - private joke going on about this. (Letterman? lol)
Rob: What sounds do dogs make. Woof woof. You’re Booboo.

Kristen said she filmed the entire ‘third wife” flashback. She had two braids and wore a fake tan.
Kristen: I did all those. That’s me.
Rob: We’re you cradling that guy?
Kristen said she worked with the screaming lady in that scene, in ‘The Messengers.”

The talk about their preparation for BD.

Bed Scene in Bella’s Bedroom
Rob: That bed was very tiny, its very bouncy, very annoying. Every time my feet would hang at the end and stuff.
Crew had to chop the end of the bed.

Rob: Why do they care if these kids have sex? Its bizaare. Its their personal story.
Kristen: People like to focus on the negative things Rob.

Edward almost brawl with Jacob scene.
Rob: Again Taylor didn’t want to be here. He has personal things to do. He is working out right now. Kristen was just laughing.

The wig was ridiculed all throughout. Rob would say its fine in this scene, it looks like Jennifer Aniston’s hair and Anne Hathaway’s.

They talk about the Bella and Edward’s relationship.
Kristen: Edward has fake pragmatic reasons.

Rob: Do vampires wear make up to cover their white skin?

Rosalie’s backstory.
Rob: Twilight is always into these scenes. There’s one in Twilight. (Men ganging up on women)

Kristen: I kept telling her, vampires don’t cry Nikki.
Rob: Is she crying? They might have storage of tears, there’s a possibility there’s a few tears left.

They talked about Daniel, “big and strong vampire.”

Graduation Scene.
They’re happy for Anna’s Oscar nominations. Talked about her speech.

Graduation Party.
Rob: I don’t want to be in this party.
Kristen: Me too.
They remembered the Prom in Twilight, where as Edward and Bella, they wanted to just spend 3 minutes and just dance outside. Kristen remembered stepping on Rob’s feet for the dance.

Kristen: I think that ruined your big toe. Have you ever wondered about that? (Rob laughs), my big cast crushing on your toe. It never recovered. (Rob prolly embarassed was just silent)

When Jake and the boys arrive and Alice saw them talking to Bella. Rob said I can picture Alice going to Edward with that expression
Rob mimics Alice’s voice: Edward, I just saw Bella talking to Jacob.

Kristen: I like that little bow on her hair. (Alice)

Rob: Peter also uses his wig as a cereal bowl. It’s completely solid.
Kristen: The milk makes it sticks in place.

Cullens Training.
They noticed Peter/Carlisle not having a scarf and his jacket not zipped up. Kristen goes, “Oh my gosh!”

Rob: Edward, Can you translate the 'wolfs'. haha
Kristen: This is where Bella steps back, relaxes. She has nothing to contribute.
Rob: I think a human army can defeat a vampire army.
Kristen: Really? With guns?
Rob: That’s fairly easy to do

Rob: I don’t even want to pretend to hurt people.
Kristen: I like that you’re getting into it.
Rob: Why can’t they use real wolves?

Scene with Bella petting Jacob wolf. Edward arrives.
Rob: Scratch my head. Yeah walk away. Keep walking you, wolf.

They talk about practicing slapping off-cam. They joke about this.

Jackson’s back story.
Rob: Good morning ma’am. (Mimics Jackson’s accent. Sings ‘Maria’)

Rob: There’s too much kissing, its crazy.

Rob: Do you watch when there are people kissing.
Kristen: I’m kind of a a starer but…

Rob talks about Jackson’s lips being a ‘unusual’ color. Some kind of “orange”

Jacob carries Bella. Rob: Taylor is a sport. He has his shirt off the entire time, its so embarrassing.

Charlie/Bella scene.

Rob: Alice is pushing it. I want to test my brother.
Rob: She’s a virgin, what? Charlie is always eating and drinking and stuff.

Leg hitch

Rob: Jacob got you a dog, I got you a $3M diamond. I’m your boyfriend.
No that’s not an actual diamond, you can actually find that in a cracker.

Kristen:. Its perfect for what I have planned.
Kristen: She is scheming. Got to hitch that leg.
Kristen said she likes that she runs her hand through his hair than leg hitching .

Rob: Really? They call it that, ‘leg hitch’ scene? Ok, hitch that leg.

Kristen: In the premiere, people like “woooh” during this scene.

Kristen: You look like you’re going to start to cry.
Rob: Oh, what a pussy!

Kristen likes ‘My Love’.
Kristen: There it is, the leg hitch.
Rob: Ooh
Kristen: Let’s see some of that chest hair.

Kristen says. “Its not weird that were talking about this.
And she talks about embarrassing her when Edward turning her down.
Rob went on about balance of power had gone completely wrong between E/B in this scene.

Rob: Just want to make sure you’re egoless (after embarrassing Bella).


Kristen: I like the way you did this. Very , very good. Wow! He believes it. Aww. I can’t deal with this. I like that little swallow. You actually pulled off being able to speak about ‘Tea on the porches’ things of that nature, it actually worked.

Rob: Extraordinary is very hard to say in an American accent.
Kristen is so touched: Awww, this is just a stupid movie.

They talk about Sia.
They talk about Bryce and that she drinks alkaline water,

Rob: I have been drinking that. Do you know that?
Kristen: Yes, I knew that.

Victoria/ Riley kissing.
Scenes like this make it a ‘more adult movie’

Rob: More kissing.
Kristen: You are very prudish.
Rob: Whenever I watch this I get really conservative.
Kristen: Yes you do but its funny.
Rob: She’s thinking about James.
They talk about Edward and Bella again and how Bella gave Edward a hard time with this Jacob triangle.

At 1:25 Rob shouted “boobs” Kristen asked him if he was drinking. “I swear I’m not drinking. I’m so tired!”

Rob told the story that there was a ‘massive’ bear ( brown or grizzly) when they shot the aerial scene of Edward up in the mountain and that it was 3AM. The bear was eating blueberries. Kristen wasn’t on the set, only him and some stunt guys.

Rob: God damn it!
Kristen: Don’t say that, say Dag nab it!

Tent scene.
She recalled being really sick

Rob said that Bella was just being nice to Jacob. Kristen said that it’s a breakthrough that Rob says something nice about Bella.

Rob: He is so gross, so brazen. I don’t really like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo…

Kristen: Look at them cradling.
Rob: Looks like you’re milking him.
Kristen: Like kneading , pushing.

He told the ‘farts’ story again. Rob cant keep from laughing.

While sleeping…
Kristen: She didn’t know they just leveled with each other.
Rob: They didn’t level with each other, Jacob doesn’t have anything
Kristen: Yeah, he does.

Rob: My eyelids are like your eyelids in this scene

Kristen: The musings of RPattz in the commentary of Eclipse.

The ‘day after’ scene.
Rob: That wolf has a good walk.
Kristen: That’s Booboo, he just bebops around.
Rob: Why do I have such long sideburns?

When Jacob hears that they’re engaged and leaves.

Kristen: That’s dangerous.
Rob: I can kick his ass off in two seconds.

Jacob/Bella Kiss
Rob: I am a young naïve girl. I want to have it all. ( in a girly voice)
Kristen defends Bella.

Rob: Plus him kissing her right now, God it only proves…Yuck! He is the worst guy in the world.

Kristen: She doesn’t want to it at first
Rob: He is even worse than you in this scene.

Kristen: (teasing Rob) Oh she’s getting into it.
Rob: Shut up.
Kristen: Woah. Look at her hands there
Rob: Woah there! ( laughing)

Kristen said that it was good that they edited out the scene that supposed to show her and Taylor as old people. It was supposed to be while they were kissing.

Kristen: Its bad that Edward cant hear what’s in her head because it would be alright.
Rob: No its not. Girls always do things like that, you’re judged on your actions.
Kristen: If you know whats going on, you will understand.
Rob: Booboo what do you think of this girl?
Kristen: I realized that we’re making fun of his name and its not okay.
Rob: I don’t think I have ever met him.

They were making fun of Booboo’s name and Kristen realized this and said ‘this is not okay’. They never called him as his character Seth.

Fight scene

Kristen: Look at Bella balls.
Rob: what?
Kristen: My eyeballs. They are incredibly dark.

Edward/Victoria battle.

Rob: I don’t need a pack to get this on, just me and Booboo.
Kristen: You don’t need a 6-pack or you don’t need a wolf pack.
Rob; Just my wrist band.
Kristen: I really admire Edward in this scene. He is really in control.

Rob: My mouth’s hole is so black in this scene. (when he was being tacked by Riley and Victoria)

They had to change the choreography because its so slippery.

Kristen: Come and get it.
Rob: Practicing doing that is so fun though.
Rob: Eat it, Uhmm yummy. Butterscotch.
Kristen: chicken.
Rob: Chipotle.

Kristen: This is going to go down in history, Rob. ‘chipotle’

Edward rips Victoria’s head off.
Rob: Amazing how I tear that. That actually happened in reality first take.

Kristen: Jacob got hurt.
Rob: This is the worst day for him.
Kristen: Yeah, it was freezing cold.

Rob and Kristen talked about Edward’s dilemma of choosing Bella, he is full of guilt involving his family to all this because of his love for Bella. The involvement of the Volturi…

Rob corrects Kristen: Deer not deers.

Bella/ Jacob Scene.

Rob: Is that Jacob screaming.
Kristen: Taylor was really good in that scene, but we have to redo the scene so we could see his eyes. (Set was too dark.)
Kristen: See … you still can’t see his eyes.
Rob: How much of his eyes do you want to see? (jealous much Rob- lol)
Kristen explains her perspective and the logic of Bella and Jacob’s relationship

Rob I want Taylor to be doing this thing.
Kristen: I know, it would be better.

Rob: Can I sign your cast? (Jacob’s)

Kristen: This is the first scene we shot.

Kristen explains Bella’s deal here. Why Bella said those lines.

Rob: Hey you have been shaking your leg around.
Kristen: In case people are wondering what that swishy sound. Why are you shaking your leg around.
Rob: I’m going to need that ring.

Close up of Edward putting the ring on Bella.
Kristen: David came over and said she’s got dirty fingernails we need to do some cleaning. And I said “No I don’t.”

Kristen: Thank you for listening to our dribble and for watching the movie.
Rob: We hope you enjoyed it. No and thanks to everyone.
Kristen: Thanks to everyone. Thanks to most of these people that are about to roll by your screen.
Rob: They are all wonderful people. Who else ...Tish, very nice lady.
Kristen: Thanks for doing this with me across the continent.
Rob: Thanks dude.
Kristen: Thanks dude.

Rob: Taylor if anyone is disappointed that he is not in this, is here with us in spirit, sort of. We have a little picture of him here with us.
Kristen: Taylor, I’m sure you’re going to listen to this at some point. I’m sorry you that cannot be here today.
Rob: He’s not going to listen to it. What are you talking about?
Kristen: Are you kidding he’s going to bed with it playing on his CD player. He is going to record it to an MP3.

Kristen: Ok we’re done. Bye.
Rob: (in a little voice) Bye.

Thanks To Robstenation for the transcript
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