New/Old fan video of Robert Pattinson filming Breaking Dawn in Brazil

This are desperate times...

The drought has taken its toll.

Here's a new/old fan video of Robert Pattinson in Lapa:

Did you see him? It's not even a "blink and you'll miss it" shot. I didn't blink. I missed it. Until I froze the frames.

Photobucket was THAT night:


It also explains why we only had one shot. The car was flying by!

Drink him up, girls! RedshirtRobward is nothing but WIN! We posted a wallpaper with's one from Marina without the words. Just the man...and the red shirt...


Lick and save his holy hotness for the HQ

Thanks Robstenation for discussing the fandom's dehydrated state with me and sending me this droplet. ;)

TodoTwilightSaga has the other video (from the marina). Rob driving the hurt my eyes and my sanity but head over there to get another droplet.
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