Robert Pattinson will not attend the Oscars

Fact: The producers confirmed Robert Pattinson will not attend the Oscars.


Fact: The producers of the show claim they will have some Twilight goodie that will blow your back out...or rather, your mind.

Fact: It will not be the Breaking Dawn trailer. (come on...who thought that?)

Fact: I will watch the Oscars because I always have.

Fact: I no longer care to know what ploy these producers have up their sleeves since it's not Robert Pattinson and they are now, in my mind, manipulating ONLY our Rob/Twi fandom. Why aren't they trying to talk to the Potter fandom? Or any other fandom? I'm not into the media game once you remove Rob from the table.


Hope: Pre-taped clip of Rob and James for the opening. ;)

The end.

Check out Twilight Poison if you'd like to read a good collection about this back and forth that always ends with this: No Robscar :(

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