Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair cover gets covered on the entertainment shows

Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair cover goes on sale March 3rd! Some of you may have grabbed it already. Magazine stands tend to put them out on Wednesdays. Let's support Rob and pick up a few copies ;)


You can also read the article online at

Additionally, the entertainment shows are reporting on the cover.

Access Hollywood
got to chat with the interviewer of the VF article

Also, Entertainment Tonight got to chat with her as well.

Thanks RobPattzNews for the video!

And the E! online report...same little tidbits discussed...

Vid source

Of course they talk about the sensational aspects of the interview: Charlie Sheen and Kristen Stewart. *eye roll* I know, I's an entertainment show. They're going to ask about the more gossipy stuff. I'm probably just harboring a lil hostility towards the interviewer. We barely got any WFE info from Rob, she talked to him about Twilight too much in my opinion, and set a very melancholy tone throughout the whole piece.

Support our guy and go out tomorrow to pick up your copy! Let's make this the best selling cover of VF for 2011 :))

PLUS, check out Access Hollywood tomorrow, March 3rd. NEW Water For Elephants scenes!

UPDATE: the video announcement of new scenes

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Lick and save to get ready for VanityFairRob! Thanks Marina H for giving us this gorgeous wallpaper to celebrate the new shoot and mag :))

Other VF wallpapers created by Marina
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