ROBsessed Awards: 2016 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Film and Role

ROBsessed Awards: 2016 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Film and Role

Time to reflect on our upcoming year. Our Rob year that is. Instead of "Most Anticipated Moment", we're going to vote on some exciting professional moments coming to us in 2016. There's potential for at least 3 movies filmed (that we know of!) and 3 films released. That's a super year for MovieStarRob!

And the nominees are....

2016 Most Anticipated Film

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The Childhood of a Leader
The movie filmed and finished in 2015 plus premiered at the Venice Film Festival and walked away with Best Debut Film and Best Director Horizons awards. It went on to other festivals but a majority of us have not seen The Childhood of a Leader. Are you ready to see it the most in 2016??

The Lost City of Z
There's no guarantee we'll see this movie in 2016 but it's been in post-production now for a couple of months. So maybe we'll get lucky and this adventure will be rolled out in 2016! I'm guessing fall festivals but that's just a wish and a prayer at this point. Famously being produced by Brad Pitt's Plan B company, are you ready to see AmazonRob most in 2016??

Queen of the Desert
Yes this was included in Best Performance and OnScreen Pairing but there are still many of us waiting on this film. Some of us have seen the film released in our countries already or at a film festival but it hasn't had a domestic release yet which leaves out many fans. The last word on theatrical release was March 2016 which appealed to Werner Herzog due to it being Women's History Month. Does this appeal to you most for a 2016 Rob film??


2016 Most Anticipated Film Role
3 indies all slated to get started during the first half of 2016. It seems Good Time will be up first with Rob's recent December trip to NYC but all 3 roles are definitely here to tease us.

Good Time
Rob starring as Connie in a neo-grindhouse caper? We'd like to be the dragnet closing in on him!

The Trap
Tattooed surfer Rob? That translates to WETROB.

High Life
Leading role + AstronautRob + one of Rob's bucket list directors? Definitely out of this world fabulous!

The other categories for the ROBsessed Awards have closed! Results start on Dec. 31st at 12pm ET and post every hour on the hour. Check in with us and see who the winners are. We'll also keep a tally HERE so bookmark the page. See you in 12 hours!


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