On The 6th Day Of Robmas, Robert Pattinson Gave To Me

We're half way there.... sing along!

On the sixth day of Robmas, Robert Pattinson gave to meee...

Six sexy suits... 

 photo SixthDay.gif  

Fiiiiiiiiive Mo-men-tous Mooomeeeents....
Guess the momentous moments! The answers can be found when you click through the pics. ;)

 photo 060308-170..jpg photo ambassador1.jpg
 photo unnamed.png photo 450005333144_03_1.1449084626.jpg photo tumblr_n47d7f7uFv1rt5pgzo1_400.gif

 Four Charitable Causes
image host image host
image host image host

Three trendy do's
A beard to rival Santa's
 image host

A soul patch to tease us
 image host

Stubble to perfection
image host

Two Movies Filmed...

 photo TCOAL.jpg  photo TLCOZ.jpg

and a leading man performance for 2015!!!
image host
to be continued tomorrow....


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