Campbell Live Interview (NZ) with Rob

WOW this guy needs a break, 78 interviews in a day.


Butterfly25 said...

I just adore this ripped white T-shirt he is wearing for all those interviews.
Can you imagine any other famous actor wearing such T-shirt for promoting the movie??? I guess it's only Robert.
He is such a cutie:)

THANK YOU ALL GIRLS - Kate and Dani and Gozde for all those videos and new stuff everytime. You are the best!!!

JandR said...

Poor Rob - sooooo many interviews - and yet he still is totally engaged with the people asking the questions, he tries to give a thoughtful response even though you can hear his voice is overworked!

My eyes are sore from watching all these and I haven't even scratched the surface. Rob interview overload or what??? I never thought I'd say those words... :)

Marna said...

I can't believe I just had to go back a page on the blog to watch what I haven't seen yet. It's insane how many interviews they're doing, I can't keep track of them all.

nzkstewlover said...

Hehe I watched this when it was on TV last night :)

Im glad we got a kiwi over there doing the interview.

Rob was his goofy, demented self ;)

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