Robert Pattinson: Believe it or Not

Robert Pattinson: Believe it or Not

Here we go again...


Gossip sites and tweets get really...creative...during droughts and trying to weed through them can make you curl up and cry. Without a picture, you can never be certain Rob was doing this or that or the other. Sometimes you get a credible source talking like Norman's but even that, you can't be 100% sure.

Rob: I'm Frank Abagnale.

So why am I posting now? One reason. Food. Food + Rob = I wanna post. But we'll get to that in a moment. You can't have the goodies without first being subjected to the current rumor mill that made my brain hurt.


First up was Rob being a musical Mother Teresa. You guys loved this up in the comments and now here it is for your continued pleasure. From The Sun:
The warm-hearted Twilight star had spotted the down-and-out's tatty acoustic as he put money in a collection tin.

Minutes later R-Patz, 25, who plays cold-blooded Edward Cullen, emerged from a music store with an electric guitar for himself and the red acoustic for the man.

The British actor's generosity was witnessed in Los Angeles by holidaymakers Luke Jones and girlfriend Kirsty Rowlands, 22.

Builder Luke, 24, of Bridgend, South Wales, said: "We were gobsmacked when he handed the acoustic guitar to the tramp.

"Robert quickly went back to his car and drove off.

"The busker was totally shell-shocked. He had no idea who Robert was – I think he thought the guitar was stolen.

"He was looking left and right, half expecting the police to arrest him. We asked him to play but he couldn't get his thoughts together."

R-Patz, worth around £32million, plays piano and guitar.

Sounds like something Rob would do but *shrugs* who knows if it's true. Guess I need to go track down a homeless person in LA with a shiny new guitar and interview him, right? But let's check out the next rumor first...


Rob must live at Soho House. If all the sightings are true, he's well protected there. He can get in and out without pictures. This rumor has conflicting reports but considering one report is coming from the lying, defaming, stealing Hollywood Life Lies, I'm not surprised they could have gotten it wrong. They have certificates galore in "getting it wrong". From Hollywood Life Lies:
  • Rob was at Soho West Hollywood Sept. 1st
  • Rob looked very happy
  • Rob was with Sam and his sister Lizzy (although they posted a pic of Victoria)
  • Rob was dressed in unbuttoned plaid short sleeve shirt with a black tee underneath
  • Rob wore a hat
  • Rob had a beard
  • They went unnoticed ( they didn't...clearly lol) and were having a deep conversation
  • They sat by a window
  • Rob had pizza and clear liquid
  • Rob went to the bathroom, washed his hands and gave the bathroom attendant a guitar
Ok I added the last part because it fits with the rest of the "reports". Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Rob was also at Soho House. This time in New York City on Sept 2nd. "NEW YORK CITY?!! Get a rope." Compiled by Robstenation from twitter:
jimshi809 "Ugh. So jealous. Friend telling me how she ran into #rpatz and his sister at @sohohousenyc last night. "He was adorable," she added. #Twilight"

Laurasturn "Robert Pattinson can't even smile when he's hanging out with The guy clearly has issues." (Tink: YOU HAVE ISSUES! *childish comeback*)

iniikim "Robert pattinson at The Smile." "it's a cafe/restaurant in NY and he was with a male friend." "it's a cafe/restaurant in NY."

Joie_Clothing "A source tells me I just missed Robert Pattinson at The Smile #fail"
There's further speculation as to why he could be in NYC (potential joint photoshoot with Kristen Stewart) but at this point, I think my eyes are bleeding. If it's a photoshoot, we'll know at some point. As for the rest, we'll likely never know and if Rob wanted us to know, he'd tell us (yeah right). Now on to the good stuff.

Food! I swear Rob is my Oprah. I love knowing what he's reading and what movies he digs and where he's eating and what he buys etc etc. I buy the book, watch the film, eat the food and think about guitar lessons. Robsessed, duh. So after all the saltiness in this post, the thing that sticks out for me is the restaurant he may or may not have gone to: The Smile.


It looks cool! I was just in New York City and would have loved to check it out. I know it's uncertain if he was really there but still looks pretty neat. Next time. ;) Times like these I wish Rob was on twitter or had a blog to just say something is Rob-approved. He's my Oprah.

The drought is going to last well into October so I'm sure we'll have another round of Believe it or Not. Until then, believe at your own risk...or not ;)
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