Robert Pattinson Heading To The Round Table For “Pendragon”?

If this is true it would be amazing!
King Rob

According to

Robert Pattinson has been offered one of the lead roles in the new King Arthur retelling PENDRAGON, filling in one of the spots left open after Eric Bana and Michael Fassbender dropped out of the production. Project is a reimagining of the founding of Camelot by King Arthur, with Pattinson up for the role of the fabled king. Pattinson’s potential casting projects a different light on the project, signaling a possible change in tone for the production than when Bana and Fassbender were considered for the leads.

Sylvain White is directing from a script by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy, with Michael Connolly producing.

Also has Rob listed for this since March 2010.
It does say "rumoured" after Rob's name so for now take a pinch out of this..............


If and when there's anymore news on this we will be sure to let you know!

Big thanks to jittzpattzing & victoria1985 for the tip!
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