What's It Like To Work With Robert Pattinson? - Julia Jones Tells Cosmopolitan

Julia Jones spoke to Cosmopolitan about working with Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner and their heartthrobs status.

I'm sorry I just HAD to use this pic of Rob and Julia.It's one of my faves.

What was it like to work with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?
At this point it’s bizarrely normal. When we go to work everyone is focused on their roles and the scene so you’re not thinking about them as heart-throbs – they feel more like colleagues. I am reminded of the fact that they’re huge movie stars pretty much all of the time besides when we’re at work.

Do you think it’s funny to see Rob and Taylor portrayed as heartthrobs? What’s it like to walk the red carpet alongside those two?
I don’t think it’s funny – I totally get it! At events you can always tell when one of them has arrived because the fans’ screaming hits a pitch I didn’t know was humanly possible before Twilight.

Read the Rest Of Julia's Interview over at cosmopolitan via spunk-ransom
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