*NEW* Robert Pattinson Fan Pics & Vids From The "Breaking Dawn" Stockholm Fan Event

Our lovely reader Mija sent us her pics and vids of Robert Pattinson From the "Breaking Dawn" Fan Event in Stockholm on October 28th to share with all of you.

He looked SO stunning in Stockholm and these pics will refresh your memory (in case you've forgotten!

Rob: "So lady, what's with the hair? Are you trying to take the attention away from me? Well you know it won't work. How did you even get it to stand up like that?"


"You MUST have used mousse right? Tell me you used mousse! "


"And let me guess you watched my step by step instructions over on Robsessed on how to style it like this, right?"


"Nice try but mine still looks better."


Rob: "Right everyone?"


Full size pics and more vids AFTER THE CUT

Whatever you do turn down the volume for this one! My ears are STILL ringing after it!

Click for full size

Thanks so much for sending them Mija


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