Robert Pattinson and his love affair with ACNE

Robert Pattinson and his love affair with ACNE

I love @courtjustice. Are you guys picking up on that yet? Homegirl knows her fashion. Pair that knowledge with Rob and I'm in heaven every time she does a post about what he wears.

This time she's tackled Rob's apparent love for ACNE, the Swedish clothing line. He mentioned his affection for the brand HERE and I remember when Courtney told me on twitter that he likes them. A lot. Little did I know she was working on an epic post for his ACNE love affair.

I'll highlight one outfit she mentioned but visit her blog, The Fashion Court, to see her breakdown of almost 10 ACNE looks in 2 months!

Photo: TFC

Excerpted from The Fashion Court:
Later that night Rob sat down to talk about the latest film in the “Twilight” saga during a guest appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”. The 25-year-old actor stepped out onto the talk show stage in a nearly all-black look!

Rob wore a black open-collar polo to show off his favorite v-neck tee underneath, but his suit of choice was the “Wall Street” black plain weave blazer and trousers from ACNE‘s Fall/Winter 2011 menswear collection. Rob left the two-button blazer open for a laid back feel.

He looked really good for that appearance. Really, really good. Do I need to comment on his perfected disheveled hair or ‘just-enough’ facial scruff? Because I could… I just don’t think I need to.

He finished off his look with black leather dress shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.
What do you ladies in the dark recesses think? Courtney could have totally talked about the sexhair and scruff, right? ;)

Click HERE to read the post and see several of Rob's looks that make you go, "That was ACNE? Cool!"

Wonder if ACNE makes a moss green suit... ;)


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