Robsessed Awards Results - Robert Pattinson's Best Onscreen Pairing

Robsessed Awards Results - Robert Pattinson's Best Onscreen Pairing

Well you all voted (in your thousands) the polls are now closed, the votes have been counted and now it's time to reveal the results.

I know you've been itching to find out what won in each category.
So lets kick it off with the results for the first category "Best Onscreen Pairing"

I thought this one was pretty predictable. Was I right? Let's find out!

Coming in in 3rd place we have....................
Edward & Renesmee


Oooh that was a surprise, I didn't see that one coming.

In second place getting 22% of the vote is ...............
Awwwwwww..... Jacob & Rosie

Let's remind ourselves how cute these two were together

And now onto the winner with a whopping 67% of the vote

Surprise, Surprise it's.......... Edward & Bella.
Now there's a shocker!
Let's have a look at why you picked Edward & Bella as your winners, shall we?

(Not all "Breaking Dawn" but I love the vid)

And because I got a bit carried away looking at Edward & Bella vids I wanted to share this one with you too (because I love it ;-})

I don't know about having me at hello he had me at the strut into the cafeteria ;-}
Next result in an hour!


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