365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Jan. 1 ~ Future Rob Film That Excites You

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Jan. 1 ~ Future Rob Film That Excites You


All three of us were in sync for the first 365DoR!

Well…….if I’m honest they all excite me. I guess “The Rover” would be my initial choice but I’m not sure if that’s mainly because it’s the first one on Rob’s schedule for this year. And then I’m SUPER excited about “Maps to the Stars” too (if it happens) because it’s Robenberg again can’t WAIT for that. Ugh this is harder than I thought (what are the next 364 gonna be like?) RIGHT going with the first thing that came into my head “THE ROVER” is my choice, going with this one because we know SO little about it, the cast is brilliant and I saw “Animal Kingdom” over Christmas and I liked what I saw! There…..done ;-)) 
this is crazy hard because im so excited for all of Rob’s upcoming films: The Rover because he’s working with a fresh and talented filmmaker and the role was something he said wasn’t easy to come by. he’ll be playing more of a “character” than he normally does. Hold On To Me because the role is probably the most purposely sexy of all of them and the story is great. it’s a minor role but a significant one. Queen of the Desert because he’s taking on the challenge again of playing a real person and the period and story excite me. Maps To The Stars because of David Cronenberg. Mission: Blacklist because it’s the only film with Rob as the lead and the story is completely fascinating. Rob is working with amazing directors for each role and his co-stars are some of the best in the business.  
saying all that, i’ll choose The Rover as the film i’m looking forward to the most but only because it’s the one i know the least about. we tend to be more intrigued by the unknown sometimes. that’s the only way i could decide for this day.
Excited for The Rover most I think... starting #365DoR off with a tough one. I doubt any will be easy though!!
Yeah that was a tough one because I know we're all pretty excited for Rob to get back to filming and filming all that he is. Did you guys see Dec. 31st on the list? We'll see how much difference a year makes. :)
Share your thoughts and we'll see you with tomorrow with 365DoR!


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