365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 19 ~ Fave Rob character

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 19 ~ Fave Rob character

This was a really tough one for me. I think it's the first day I cheated so blatantly. It was beyond my control. My failure aside....I looooove the gifset Kate chose. His rage was brilliant.

"I’m going with Georges. To me Georges & Bel Ami represented the start of a change in Rob’s career. Having it’s premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and then going around the world to so many other film festivals including the Jameson Film Festival here in Ireland where I was lucky enough to get see it. Bel Ami and Georges will always be special to me. I know Georges is a scoundrel but I can’t hate him ;-}"

 photo MadDuRob3.gif
 photo MadDuRob4.gif photo MadDuRob5.gif
 photo MadDuRob2.gif photo MadDuRob1.gif

"i can’t do this so i won’t do this. it’s making me crazy and the moment i thought i could settle on one, another one goes, “NOPE! you remember how much you loved my character in this movie??”. i think any Rob character becomes part of a list of faves so this gifset by vanelandia is a great representation of Rob’s biggest roles in feature films. he’s so talented and each role makes me excited for the next character he’ll introduce me to - a character i’ll inevitable love and add to this collection because they all win me over completely.

 photo Eric.gif
 photo Georges.gif
 photo Jacob.gif
 photo Tyler.gif
 photo Edward.gif
 photo Dali.gif
 photo Art.gif
 photo Cedric.gif

"I’ve just got to go with Art. How to Be was the first Rob movie I saw (GOF aside) and the movie that led me to meeting Rob himself, plus how can you not love Art? A wonderfully written character, portrayed by a wonderful wonder. Love him."

 photo tumblr_mjxr2ipqQ81qf3lw1o1_500.jpg photo tumblr_mjxr2ipqQ81qf3lw1o2_500-2.jpg

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