365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 23 ~ Pic of Rob in a hoodie

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 23 ~ Pic of Rob in a hoodie

This is TOO funny. I had some serious angst this morning with my pic. I still didn't get the one I wanted as you'll see in my comments but Kate was on the exact same wavelength! I had this picture fired up and ready to go but decided not to use it last minute because it wasn't exactly the Rob face I wanted. So I switched gears. Of all the HoodieRobs in all the years, she picked the HoodieRob date (5/10/09) I wanted badly. Our Rob minds are melding ;).......UPDATE: The plot thickens...I think I actually want 6/1/09. You guys know I can't stop looking now. LOL UPDATE2: Kate found it for me! I linked in the comments ;)

"Yumminess in a hoodie. The gorgeous hair peeking out topped off with a v neck tee and some forearm porn! GAHHH"

 photo tumblr_mk4pxti11a1qf42vzo1_500.jpg

"im disgruntled. i couldn’t find the pic i wanted and it’s sucked away too much of my time and now im running late. i have to release it or go mad. i wanted HoodieRob from The Cellar banner/edit (so freakin’ hot and cute) but i must “settle” for my runner-up - HoodieRob pouting his lips and flashing the happy trail. delicious. "

 photo peter_bergs_033.jpg

"Pic of Rob in a hoodie. The original :-)"

 photo tumblr_mk4tfpiczu1qf3lw1o1_1280.jpg

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