Thing that make you go hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson rumored to be circlinga new film - Posh

Thing that make you go hmmmmmm: Robert Pattinson rumored to be circling a new film - Posh

UDPATE3: From The Playlist:
There's no news on which character Irons will be playing in the ensemble, and we're not going to speculate. Other reports have linked a number of other erudite Brits to roles including Douglas Booth, Sam Clafin and Robert Pattinson, although the suggestion is that Pattinson in particular is being pursued but may not be interested.

UPDATE2: From The Hollywood Reporter:
Robert Pattinson — who is said to be in very early discussions. According to THR's source, "I think he's being circled more than he's circling."

UPDATE: The Film Stage and Collider have also joined the salt party, reporting on the film news:
  • Collider: An abundance of handsomeness could be in store for director Lone Scherfig’s (An Education) adaptation of Laura Wade‘s stage play Posh. The Daily Mail reports that Robert Pattinson, Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Douglas Booth (Noah), and Max Irons (The Host) are all in various stages of negotiations to star in the film....No one has officially signed on yet, and Pattinson is expected to mull over the script once he wraps The Rover. As one can imagine, matching up the schedules of four up-and-comers is a bit of a logistical nightmare, so don’t set this cast lineup in stone just yet.
  • The Film Stage: In the sort of movement which feels like many a Tiger Beat reader’s fantasy pitch to some movie studio, The Daily Mail have been handed word that (brace yourselves) Robert Pattinson, Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth (Noah, Jupiter Ascending), and Max Irons (The Host) are circling the same project. One that they’d be in. Together....Schedules are the cause, unsurprisingly, with Pattinson (who’s only started to look this over), for example, having new movies from David Cronenberg and James Marsh eyeing production soon; Posh is expected to start up in May, so delays and / or tight maneuvering will be required. Even if they can’t land this whole contingent, a solid director and ripe story should do the creative trick.
Again.....we'll see. They're all sourcing The Daily Mail. On a fun note, be sure to check out The Film Stage post we linked. They're playing 365DoR today unbeknownst to them. ;)
Robert Pattinson is rumored to be circling another film project!
BUT....big but here...the story originated in the Daily Mail which meant....
This could be a name drop thing or it could be legit. The Playlist jumped in to talk about this, still sourcing Daily Mail, but I liked their breakdown. At least we have a little info on our radar. An excerpt including a little bit of background info on the project:
When it opened at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2010, "Posh" helped to give a real boost to the careers of its young cast, with actors including Kit Harington ("Game Of Thrones"), Joshua McGuire ("The Hour"), Tom Mison (the upcoming "Sleepy Hollow" TV series) and David Dawson ("Luther") all having gone on to great things after the fact. "An Education" director Lone Scherfig signed on to a film adaptation recently, and it looks like we might be seeing a movie cast that's just as broad in talent, with a few rising names, and one massive one, apparently in various stages of talks to come on board. 
PhotobucketAccording to the ever-on-the-money Baz Bamigboye, Max Irons, Sam Claflin and Douglas Booth are all in negotiations to star in the film, and while talks are at an earlier stage, "Twilight" megastar Robert Pattinson could potentially join them. 
The play, and the film, revolves around a version of the Bullingdon Club, an Oxford University institution (not unlike a fraternity) which included current Prime Minister David Cameron and current Mayor of London Boris Johnson among its members, and which involves privileged idiots getting together, drinking themselves into oblivion and trashing restaurants. Wade's play focuses on the members of the Riot Club, whose meeting in a country pub ends in tragedy, and we can see all four of the actors fitting in nicely into that kind of environment. 
It sounds like Pattinson's involvement is the least concrete; he's still filming David Michod's "The Rover," and he has David Cronenberg's "Maps To The Stars" and James Marsh's "Hold On To Me" nominally on his slate, though lord knows what state they're in in terms of financing. But a good piece of material, amid a strong ensemble, would be a smart move for the actor as he continues to try to escape the shadow of Edward Cullen. As Bamigboye suggests, the challenge here is going to be scheduling; the nature of the piece requires the cast to all be together round a dining table for much of the shoot, and all these guys are busy and in demand, so don't be surprise if there's mixing and matching with who sticks with the project. Filming is planned to get underway in May, so it shouldn't be too long before we find out who's able to fit it into their schedules, and "Posh" should eventually open in 2014
So take that salt and sprinkle it like rain. This isn't our first time at the film rumors rodeo *coughChild44TheProfessionalscough* We're just going to have to wait and seeeeeeeeeeeee.....just like most things with Rob *morecoughDiorcoughcough*.


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