365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 31 ~ Fave Soundtrack/Score

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: March 31 ~ Fave Soundtrack/Score

So much great music from all of Rob's movies but which is your favourite?
It's a tough choice as we found out!


"This wasn’t easy because i love several soundtrack/scores from Rob’s films. i love how the Cosmopolis score puts me in the mood of the film and i love singing along to Metric (debb knows this). i also love the Remember Me score. it’s haunting and beautiful. a portion of the song titled Tyler has been my alarm clock sound since the film came out. lastly, i have sentimental love for the New Moon soundtrack and through the Twilight series, i’ve loved many songs and what memories from the film they trigger. but i went with Bel Ami because it’s the most classical score of all Rob’s films and i love it. it’s beautiful and the strings soar. my favorites: Love Nest, George Meets Madeleine and A More Memorable Name." (Kate: This is the only one I don't have, but that will soon be rectified!)

 photo belamisoundtrack.jpg


"I have "nearly" all the soundtracks from Rob's movies and I have to say that the one that always gets played the most is the first Twilight one, maybe it's because Rob is on there, I don't know. But because it gets played the most that is the one I'm choosing as my favourite. I'm glad this topic has reminded me that I should listen to the others more often ;-}"

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