365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Dec. 11 ~ Shocking or funny Rob quote

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Dec. 11 ~ Shocking or funny Rob quote

I love it when we have a funny, cheeky Rob.
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"I’m going with the first one that came into my head {giggles} I also love his David impersonation in this interview ;}"

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"any time Rob wants to reference his penis in any way in any context is fine by me. my jaw dropped and i collapsed in a fit of schoolgirl giggles when he said this. this classic Rob quote wins by miles in the shock department. "
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So it’s not a quote… but a story. And it’s hilarious. And so Rob. "Yeah, when I was I think, 17, I was doing an exam in school. I think it was geography, and I hadn’t studied at all for it. And I didn’t know the answer to the first question and I just sort of shut my eyes. I was considering whether I should just leave the room or not and I shut my eyes and there’s this like fully realized, three dimensional like hologram of Buddha in my head and I sort of looked at it and it was so real you could almost touch it. And it threw these little spinning jack things into my eyes and I opened my eyes and I knew every single answer to this exam paper. Every time I shut my eyes afterwards though, this Buddha was still there for like three months. And I could ask it questions about things and it would always give me the answer. The same deal with the jacks, the tacks, whatever they’re called. After about three months I told someone about it and then I realized I could ask it to do things, and affect fate, and it would actually change what happened in the world and it started to really freak me out. And then I asked it to do a number of things which have significantly altered my life in a lot of ways. And then I met this girl, who I got really obsessed with and the Buddha left and she stayed in my head and for about five years I resented her every single day for it and then I asked her about it last year and she didn’t know what I was talking about. I’m Robert Pattinson, and that is my best story, ever."

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