WINNERS POST: Find out how Robert Pattinson inspired Alice Clayton's Jack Hamilton + Free-For-All winner revealed!

WINNERS POST: Find out how Robert Pattinson inspired Alice Clayton's Jack Hamilton + Free-For-All winner revealed!

It's time to announce our final winner in our RobHoliday Season Free-For-All! The prize during our Free-For-All is Alice Clayton's Redhead series. The winner will receive all three novels!

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Drumroll, Rob.....

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That's the end of our Friday Free-For-All Redhead giveaway but you know we follow Rob's lead (He's a giver) and will keep up our giveaways and contests into the new year. :)

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Now for a little treat. The author of The Redhead Series and Wallbanger is not sigh about sharing her Rob-loving roots. Alice Clayton candidly revealed how Rob was her inspiration for the Redhead's male character, Jack Hamilton.
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Read all about it after the cut!

From Alice Clayton:

The Story of Rob and Jack

So like most red blooded women and more than a few men, I was bit by a bug sometime in 2008. A bug that could be called Cullenitis, Twilight Plague, or my particular subset…Pattinson Fever.

While I loved me some Twilight, I specifically loved me some Pattinson. I mean, come on. Have you seen the guy? Love. I came late to the Twilight phenomenon, after Rob had already been cast as Edward, so he was always my Edward. Notice the proprietary use of the word “my”…not an accident. When I finished the books, I came up for air, looked around, and found? Nothing. Sure, there were silver Volvos on the road that induced mild sense of euphoria, but nothing was giving me that high, that sophomoric tingle that I got when reading my Twilight. I went to the internet, looking for a fix. And I found something, something to satisfy the itch.

I found fan fiction.

A completely new world to me, I had never heard of such a thing. But there they were, hundreds of stories that picked up where Meyer left off. Stories that not only explored the continuing sagas of our vampires but also spun new tales. New scenarios. Maybe Bella wasn’t a high school student who loved her hoodies, maybe she was a bank teller by day and an artist by night. And maybe Edward wasn’t even a vampire…what? Maybe he was an art teacher, maybe he and Bella met, had the coffee, had the sex, and there wasn’t a fade to black like on the island in the original story. MAYBE, we could read about the sex.

Face flaming, I read the sex. And I loved the sex. And I found that the more I read, the more I liked these new worlds. Sure, it wasn’t always about the sex (read: it was always about the sex) but some of the authors of these new tales were…good. Really good. And at some point, some of these new stories were so far removed from the world of Twilight, that the only thing they had in common were the names.

But while there were hundreds and even thousands of stories about Edward and Bella, there were none about Robert Pattinson. What is called RPF (Real Person Fic) is somewhat controversial in the fan fiction community, something I knew nothing about. Here’s exactly how I began to write my first ever novel. Robert Pattinson said:

You know, I really like Tina Fey. She is, like, the sexiest woman.
I read that quote, and I lost my mind. I thought “Well hell, if he didn’t have all the women in the world lusting after him before, he sure does now.” And the more I thought about it, I wondered “What if…”

At that time, no one knew much about Robert Pattinson. And everyone wanted to know as much as they could. Especially about who he might be dating. This was waaaay before the rumors about Kristen Stewart had started, and he was as unattached as they come. Or so we all thought. Because the thing is, you never know.

I started to think, what would happen if the guy that everyone is dreaming about and wondering who he is dating was actually dating an older woman? What if he wasn’t with some young starlet or chippie, but was with a woman in her 30’s who was a little silly, a little zany, and a whole lotta sexy. What if instead of nights out on the town, he was spending his evenings eating Chex Mix in bed with a redhead and watching Golden Girls?

The Unidentified Redhead was born. Or at least, what would become The Redhead Series.

I had never written anything before, and I mean NOT ONE THING. But I thought maybe I could tell an interesting story. So I wrote a chapter. And I posted it to the fan fiction website Twilighted. It had a few reads, got a few reviews, so I wrote another chapter. And another. Few more reads, few more reviews, and then I wrote my first sex scene. Blushed my entire way through it, but I posted it. And it started to take on a life of its own. I got immediate feedback on my writing, what was working and what wasn’t, and it became like my own personal brand of heroin. (see what I did there?)

This shit was fun. And I was writing about what I imagined the Ideal Rob must be like. And while I know no one will believe me, at a certain point, it stopped being Rob and became this Character. I discovered a voice that I didn’t even know I had, at exactly the right time in my life.

The story got bigger and bigger, readers that usually never read RPF were reading it and recommending it. It became something so important to me, it was tapping into a creativity, and more importantly, the lack of creativity that I’d been without for years.

Did The Redhead Series start out as a way for me to write about what it must be like to fuck the shit out of Robert Pattinson? You bet your sweet bippy, have you seen the guy? You imagined it, I just wrote about it. And I say again, have you seen the guy? I’d break that boy in half then put it back together again just to go for round 2…but I digress.

About 18 months ago, the rest of the world discovered fan fiction, most specifically Twilight fan fiction. When readers fell in love with Fifty Shades of Grey, they didn’t devour those books cover to cover because they were about Edward and Bella, shit no. They devoured them because of the story. Readers around the world were caught up in the beautiful story of a professor and his student in Gabriel’s Inferno, and it was never because the professors name used to be Edward. And a few months later, I was lucky enough to make a few people snicker and few people blush with my own Wallbanger. And would it change things if you knew it was originally titled Edward Wallbanger? Maybe, maybe not.

The original fan fiction version of The Redhead Series ended where The Redhead Revealed ended. That was all I ever wrote as fan fiction. The book that came out December 2014, The Redhead Plays Her Hand, is all new. Never fan fiction. And never really Rob Pattinson. Book 3 is ALL Jack Hamilton. And I’m so very proud of this book. It was this story that started this new life for me, that made me believe that while I might not be a writer in the traditional sense, I could be a storyteller. And make a living at it? Fucking unreal. I just wanted to make people snicker and blush.

So here’s the thing. Jack Hamilton was Rob Pattinson. Rob Pattinson became Jack Hamilton. And I kind of love that. Jack Hamilton has been played by several actors in my head ever since he began to morph from Rob very early on. A younger, British version of Scott Speedman was Jack in my mind. For a very brief moment, he was Orlando Bloom, but only for a brief moment. Most recently, In My Head Jack has been played by one Mr. Max Irons.

But originally, and always, Jack Hamilton was Rob Pattinson. Because once more, and say it with me if you like, have you seen the guy? I’m proud to have started my writing career in the fan fiction community, prouder still that it was a quote from Robert Pattinson that tugged on that loose thread that unraveled the sweater that IS The Redhead Series. And then here I am, left standing, without my sweater on…and we’re talking about Robert Pattinson. Aw shucks.

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