ROBsessed Awards Results: 2014 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Moment

ROBsessed Awards Results: 2014 Most Anticipated Robert Pattinson Moment

WINNER: The King Returns!!!

 photo CannesRob.jpg

With 29% of the vote, looks like we reeeeeally want to see Rob in Cannes for 2014. What if Rob was voting for CannesRob too? LOL We know how much he loves the prestigious film festival:
Rob talking about film festivals: “Cannes is the most important one. I am not even trying to sneak into it.” (source)
Rob talks about his hopes: "When I’m filming a movie I always hope that it’ll be presented in the Cannes festival because it’s the Top League." (source)
Rob talks about his dreams: "Americans don't really know Cannes or don't care, but for an Englishman like me, this is an important festival. When I was little, I was dreaming watching the images of the event and I collected the award-winning DVD movies. At Cannes, everything finally seemed to get straight, because I was recognized by my peers." (source)
Rob sells himself at a discount for Cannes: “If I could go to Cannes every year, I’d be fine with lower salary. I’d like all of my movies to go through that festival.” (source)
Rob's five year plan: "Every film that I make should play in Cannes." (source)
You get the point. ;)) Baby loves him some Cannes and so do we!

The runner up showed that what we're really ready for is PromoRob. We want him back on those red carpets and talking up his films and other Rob-isms. And then we want him to walk off that red carpet and right back onto a film set. :) Rob on the big screen for many years to come!

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-31at33441PM.png

That concludes our 3rd Annual ROBsessed Awards!!!! Click HERE if you missed any winners and look for the recap post in the sidebar!

Until next year....thanks for participating!


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