Robert Pattinson Donates An Autographed Runner Singlet For Auction In Aid Of The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

UPDATE: You WILL be able to bid on this on Ebay from 1st - 10th April
We'll Remind you nearer the time!

Marysol Alvarado who is the Proprietor of Mestizo Restaurant & Tequila Bar in London and Madrid tweeted earlier today to thank Robert Pattinson & Sienna Miller for contributing to her auction in aid of The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation.
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Rob contributed an Autographed Runner Singlet which will either be auctioned tomorrow night (Feb 28th) at a silent auction at Marysol's Fundraising Gala in London (according to her tweet above) OR it'll be auctioned on Ebay from 1st -10th April (Source).

Read more about Marysol and her fundraising, after the cut

From Marysol's Fundraising Page:
Welcome to my fundraise auction on behalf of the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation. I’ll be running this year London’s marathon and I have a fundraise target of £4,000 pounds.
I would specially like to thank actors Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson, who have jointly donated 3 items that will be auctioned for this great cause! Sienna Miller: autographed Burberry handbag and Diane von Furstenberg robe. Robert Pattison: autographed runner singlet. All the items that you will find here are original and were donated by the artists themselves. Also all the items are new, unless otherwise stated.
The online auction will take place on Ebay from 1st through 10th April, so please stay tuned as the link will be posted here as the date approaches. In the meantime, please show your love (and generosity) to this great cause through your donations! Also remember to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter for updates!
Why I run
My aim is to raise as much money as possible for Prostate Cancer Research, as my husband was stricken with Prostate Cancer in 2010. After surgery, chemo and radio therapy, he has been told he is now in remission.
When this happened to my husband, we were obviously devastated, as we have 3 children, now aged 15, 18 and 27, but we now have a future that is looking better as time goes by.
I discovered that Prostate Cancer is one of the most serious forms of cancer in men, as it often goes undiagnosed, often until it is too late. Also since my husband’s diagnoses, he has been very forthright in talking about it to his friends and colleagues, and telling them that it is important that they get regularly checked by their GP. We have also been reminded of this as other friends have been recently diagnosed, and although each person is different, we hope that it was perhaps the experiences of my husband that prompted these friends to be checked.
The more I have learned, then the more I wish to help in raising money and more importantly, awareness of the problems of prostate cancer, and as I lead a very hectic life, I still ensure I work out and keep fit at my Local YMCA in central London on a daily basis.
I have been involved in running 5k and 10k races, particularly for Breast Cancer, for many years, and this was also brought home to me as I myself had a scare approximately 2 years ago with a lump in my breast, luckily benign, and I now want to stretch myself to the next level. So in the next few months,I’ll take part in other races. I will keep you posted about that!
I sincerely wait in great anticipation of I hope a positive outcome to this personal effort.
Donating through Virgin Money Giving is easy so please support me today!
Proprietor of Mestizo Restaurant & Tequila Bar, London and Madrid
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